Why focus on black owned businesses and products?

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Black owned businesses have advanced in number and variety over the past decades.  As an African American, I take pride in and appreciate the historical circumstances in which these businesses have developed.  In putting together this blog, I found so many products could only be purchased online. Some products were also available at a limited number of brick and mortar locations as described on websites.

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This site is organized to provide a road map to shop for BLACK OWNED goods.  Blog posts focus on where to find very specific items.  There is also a directory of goods.  The clothing page for example is sub-categorized. The “high-end designer label” reflects the types of clothes you would find in venues such as New York fashion week. What I designate as the “fashion” sub-category reflects companies that offer a particular style or brand. The “emporium” sub-category is distinguished by the variety of what is offered. Additionally, symbols are used to make it easier to find certain goods.  The asterisk (*) indicates product availability for men, and the diamond (♦) indicates plus size offerings. The heart (♥) symbol is used to indicate  products availability for children or youth.

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