Celebrate National Dashiki Day

Dashikis are en vogue these days, and October 30, 2017 is designated as “National Dashiki Day.”  As far as I can tell, this day of celebration began in 2015, and was spearheaded at least in part by Buy Black Economics, bbnomics.  The purpose is to publicly celebrate one’s African roots and African culture.  To participate, you can wear a dashiki to work or other places, and /or post pictures of yourself wearing a dashiki on social media with a relevant hashtag such as Happy Dashiki Day.   There are also celebrations in several locations around the United States.  An Internet or social media search may identify one  near you.  Dashikis of course are worn throughout the African continent for various purposes.  The dashiki became popular in the late 1960s and early 1970s among African Americans, as a symbol of our African roots and consciousness.

Dashiki by Emilio Labrador

Photograph “Lift the Spirit! by Emilio Labrador

A national day of celebration at this time in particular, to highlight the cultural significance of the dashiki offsets the antics of those who misappropriate its meaning.  You should be able to find a dashiki that fits your personal style, as there are plenty of options in which to choose for men, women and children.

  1. Lakay Designs (advertisement) offers two dashikis for one price (in several styles), and also has dashiki styled leggings.
  2. Babaafrik offers several styles of dashiki tops with v- and boat-necklines.
  3. Dashiki Pride offers a large array of dashikis, including one with a hoodie.
  4. D’iyanu offers different types of dashiki styled clothing including short- and long-sleeved tops, and sweatshirts.
  5. Grass Field’s options for the dashiki include mini and maxi-dresses, and different tops of varying lengths from crop to tunic.
  6. Mawusi offers black and white dashikis for men, and a top and bottom set for men.
  7. NeoBantu offers a variety of multi-colored, African styled print shift dresses that I would wear.
  8. Ocacia offers hand made clothing from the African continent including dashikis and Habesha styled clothing.
  9. Queen Adwoa’s Closet offers several kinds of multi-colored dashiki styled halter dresses.
  10. Sapellé offers a red “Angelina” dashiki shift dress.

In reviewing these companies and products I hope you find dashikis that work for you.

Happy Shopping!

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