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Lavender has many benefits and uses. According to Black Doctor.org, lavender has medicinal properties and is ideal for aromatherapy. Common uses include cleansing and stress reduction. It is ingested and applied externally for these purposes. Understandably then, lavender is widely used in bath and body products. If you are a lavender enthusiast as I am, you may have specific requirements of what you want in lavender scented products. This may be a combination of specific scents, ingredients, and types of products such as body butter or soap. As I reviewed lavender scented offerings from companies under my “bath and body” category, I noticed a strong emphasis on natural, healthful, and quality methods and ingredients. This includes among others cold processed soap, “saponification,” and small batch production for freshness. Black Doctor.org provides information about beauty products and what chemicals to avoid, as skin absorption means what you put on your skin could affect your health.

Many products are available at brick and mortar stores, and several companies offer free shipping for online purchases above a certain amount.  Prices are reasonable. There are also numerous opportunities to sign up for rewards programs for extra savings. The table below lists companies, their lavender product offerings, along with additional notes.

I hope you find lavender products to suit your needs. Happy shopping!

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Company Name of Product/Description
Additional Notes from Company Websites
Alaffia Babies & Up Bubble Bath Lemon Lavender

Body Wash Lavender

Fair trade, sustainably harvested and traditionally extracted ingredients
Astrida Naturals Lavender and Cedarwood Facial Cleanser

Lavender Geranium Unrefined (Shea Butter and Shea Butter Stick)

Natural plant based, body and skin care products, certified cruelty free
BGLH Marketplace Lavender Whipped Shea Butter Quality raw shea butter mixed with coconut and essential oils
BodyButterLady Essential Lavender Oil

Lavish Lavender (Body Butter, Body Scrub & Soap)

Organic, fair trade soap and shea butter, scents from using natural extracts
Bubble Bistro Lavender Peach Earthy Girl/Chic       (Body Oil, Body Spray, Bistro Body Butter, Natural Soap, Essentials Vegan Deodorant) Food quality ingredients and natural colorants
Cream & Coco Lavender Candy Clouds Relaxing Sleep Mist

Blue Lavender Icing Soap

Infused Glazed Tincture (Lavender Peach)

Lavender Peach Botanical Wax Melt

Handmade natural artisan soaps

CUSH (Color Us Simply Holistic) Lavender Chamomile (Kicked Up Castile Body Wash, Body Oil, Bubble Bath Bar, Pamper Set, Travel Set)

Lavender Spearmint Bath Melt

Holistic, pure, natural and raw ingredients
daükens arôme co. Lavender & Chamomile  (Artisan Soap, Triple Butter Body Cream, Triple Butter Emulsified Sugar Scrub, Soothing Aloe Lotion)

Lavender, Apples, & Oak (Perfume and Cologne Oils)

Handmade products, in small batches, cold pressed soaps
Divine Clementine’s Soap on a Rope Lavender Goat’s Milk Soap on a Rope

Earth friendly and sustainable ingredients
Eu’Genia Everyday Shea Butter (Lavender)

Pregnancy Strength Shea Butter (Lavender)

Fair wages for Ghanaian female workers, support for an education fund
Fabyoulife Minty Lav Bath Bomb (Lavender with a hint of mint)

Sugar Scrub (Lavender)

Handcrafted and high-quality ingredients
Garden Storey Lavender Soap Handmade, vegan soap
Glass City Skin Care Lavender & Vanilla Bean Soap Handmade products
Harlem Soap Patchouli & Lavender Soap

Lavender & Oatmeal Soap

Handmade in small batches, cold process goat’s milk brand
Herb ‘N Eden South African Lavender Bar Soap

Rosemary & Lavender Bar Soap

Lavender (Whipped Body Butter & All-Purpose Liquid Soap)

Handmade, 100% natural vegan soaps
Herbaceutikals Soothing Lavender Soap Organic, fair trade, and sustainable
Itiba Beauty Tranquil Sea scented products include a mixture of earthy vetiver with ylang ylang and lavender essences

Products include lotions, soaps, body serum, body butter, and body polish

Handcrafted using natural island ingredients

Jacq’s Organics Yucca & Lavender Cleansing Bar Handmade products with locally sourced tropical ingredients
Joshica Beauty

Rosemary Lavender Shampoo Bar

Seasonal, limited edition, handmade and all-natural products
Kimo Bentley Lavender Citrus Soap

Love of Lavender Bomb

All-natural skin care line, made locally ingredients made
La Belle Femme French Lavender (Soap and Body Butter) Handcrafted soap with shea butter
LaniBooBath Lavender Essential Oil Soap

Lavender Blossom Bath Bomb

Handmade soaps, made to order
Lucretia’s Body Oils and Sprays Blue Lavender PalmArosa BBW (Body Butter, Body Lotion, Body Oil Spray, and Massage Oil)

Lavender Essential Oil

Custom made products where customers can choose their fragrance
Luv that Scrub Lavender (Shower Gel, Sugar Scrub, Sugar Foot Scrub, Body Oil)

Whipped Shea & Lavender Body Butter

Lavender & Rosemary Body Oil

Holistic approach, scrubs made using 100% organic and essential oils
Melaku Aromatherapy Lavender Moisturizing Body Butter

Lavender Spa Gift Set

Handmade with plant based, organic and fair-trade ingredients
MySkinTrx Cleaning Balm – Sweet Almond Oil and Lavender Infused

Calming Toner – Lavender & Clay Sage

Raw, unrefined and organic ingredients paired with plant oils
Nandi’s Naturals Lemon – Eucalyptus & Lavender (Soap, Deodorant Roll On)

Lavender Vanilla (Body Butter Bar, Whipped Body Butter, Lotion Stick)

Lavender & Chamomile (Mellow Baby Whipped Body Butter & Body Butter Bar)

Handmade bath and body products
Natural Passion Opulent Facial Scrub (Lemon Lavender)

Lip Butter (Lavender)

Natural and organic personal care products based on the season
Naturally Made For You Rose & Lavender (Pink Himalayan Salt Body Polish, Bath Body Oil, Bath & Shower Gel, Moisturizing Hand & Body Lotion, Body Butter) Award winning natural skin care line, pamper parties
NBI All Natural Heavenly Lavender Body Oil

Lavender Body Bliss Scrub

All-natural product line using pure Jamaican Black Castor Oil
Nyah Beauty Lemongrass Lavender Soap Handmade products in small batches
Petals Bath Boutique Lavender Aluminum Free Deodorant

Lavender Rain Handmade Soap

Lavender Clay Face Mask

Handmade bath and body products
Plant Apothecary Calm Down Organic Bar Soap &  Organic Body Wash (enriched with Ginger Lavender essential oils) USDA organic beauty, grooming and bath products
Pooka Pure and Simple Forever Lavender (Body Butter, Body Oil, Natural Oil Perfume)

Mint & Lavender Foot Butter

Beauty bath and body products designed to promote health
Scent-sá-tional Soaps Lavender (Soap, Body Butter, Sugar Scrub, Body Mist) Handcrafted products for sustainable communities
SDOT Beauty Lavender Bliss Cleansing Body Bar

Mindful Trinity Bath Salt (French Lavender, Patchouli, & Palmarosa)

Natural and organic lifestyle beauty brand
Sénica Lavender Mist Shea Moisturizer

Lavender Mist Body Lotion

Artisanal and natural skin and hair care products
Shea Shea Bakery Crushed Plantain & Lavender Essential (Charcoal Facial Cleanser) Customized products made with natural ingredients
Sister Shareefah Powder Power (Lavender, Lavender Vanilla, Jasmine Lavender) Talc free, gluten free,  Paraben free, cruelty free
Skin Deep Natural Body Care Lavender (Shea Body Souffle, Body Cleansing Cream, Shea Body Polish) Natural and handmade products, products for eczema, dry and sensitive skin

Smell Good Spa


Lavender Roseli (rose, lavender, patchouli) fragrance oil, lush body butter, goat milk body cream, marinade dry after bath oil, specialty bar soap) with some choices of additional scents

Peace (lavender & tea) with a choice for essential oil (deodorant, lip balm)

Healthful emphasis in bath, body and aromatic products
Soap Washes and Grooming Essentials Lavender essential oils Cold pressed, undiluted essential oils
Sunny Isle Black Jamaican Castor Oil Lavender Black Castor Oil Beauty Soap

Lavender Massage and Aromatherapy Oil

Organically grown, traditionally processed ingredients
Tasha Hussey Body Lavender Vanilla (Soap, Sugar Scrub, Body Oil, and Body Butter)

Eucalyptus Lavender (Soap, Sugar Scrub, Body Oil, and Body Butter)

Lemongrass Lavender (Soap & Body Oil)

Lavender Deodorant

Animal and chemical free products mixed with vegetable glycerin and essential oils
Temple Zen Organic Skin Care

French Lavender Body Butter

Organic, hand-crafted and sustainably sourced products
The Balm Shop & Co. Body Balm (Lavender Scent)

Pure Peace (Sea Salt, Lavender & Ylang Ylang) Calming Bath Soak

Products made with natural or organic fruit, nut, vegetable oils and extracts
Tribewalks Lavender Fields Shea Buttercream

Lavender Cream Body Bar with natural exfoliate

Handcrafted body care products with natural ingredients
Urban Hydration (Advertisement) Charcoal & Lavender (Total Skin Detox Body Scrub, Purifying Body Wash) Products derived from fruits, foods and plants
Zandra Beauty Lavender Vanilla Chai (Sugar Scrub, Lip Scrub, Hair & Body Soufflé, Vegan Bath Body Wash, Artisan Soap Bar, Hand & Body Lotion, Bamboo Black Soap, Big Balm)

Lavender Probiotic Deodorant

Natural bath and body products, DIY parties

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ALSO, Shop With Leslie is offering a Premium Content section with Buying Guides and Sales Information.  You will find 1000+ inexpensive and fabulous items for $25.00 and less from black owned companies. That is 300+ items for $10.00 and less, 200+ items from $10.01 to $15.00, and 500+ items from $15.01 to $25.00.  Great sales at 50% off are also posted.  We do the legwork so you don’t have to!  There will be updates and posts throughout the year.  You can sign up HERE for the low cost of $4.95 per year.  Or consider the following.

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