Eye Beautification with Black Owned Makeup Brands (Eye Shadow Palettes)

Several eyes shadow palettes
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In this post, you will find 60+ eye shadow palettes from black owned brands.  According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, it is a good idea to switch out eye makeup every so often. Three months is recommended, especially for some types of products.  Prolonged use can result in bacterial contamination, and cause eye infections (University of Rochester, Health Encyclopedia).  Makeup unlike food products generally do not post expiration dates.

Eye shadow palettes are a practical choice.  The next time you are in the market for an eye palette, remember there are plenty of black owned makeup brands offering palettes that include foil, matte, and shimmer eye shadows, in addition to highly pigmented, powder and cream eye shadows.  In this post, we present eye palette options.  Our focus was on companies that offered palettes that included at least 5 colors.  Many were also designated as vegan, cruelty, and paraben free! 

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IVIVIIV Cosmetics

  • Deluxe Artist Palette (12 highly pigmented colors, some of which can serve as highlights)
  • Highlight and Shadow Bundle (12 pigmented shadows and 12 highlights)

Ayele & Co.

  • Paramount Palette (10 matte and vivid colors)


  • The Naturals Palette (with 6 matte and 6 pearl finishes)

Beauty Bakerie

  • Proof Is In The Pudding (4 mattes and 5 shimmers in neutral tones)
  • Do It For The Graham Palette (12 shades include foil, matte, and duo chrome)
  • Breakfast In Bed (9 super pigmented and muted neutral shades )
  • Some palettes designated as vegan, paraben, and/or gluten free
  • The Breakfast in Bed (9 super pigmented and muted neutral shades ) is available at Ulta. (advertisement)

Coloured Raine

  • Lovelies – (6 cool tone shades, 1 foil, 1 shimmer, and 4 mattes)
  • Berry Cute – (6 cool tone shades, 3 foils and 3 mattes)
  • Smoke Show – (6 warm tone shades, 1 shimmer and 5 mattes)
  • Beauty Rust – (6 warm tone shades, 1 foil, 5 mattes)
  • Safari Rain – 9 shadows of (earth tones and foil shades)
  • Vivid Pigment – 16 shades of matte vivid colors
  • Queen of Hearts  – 12 shades (6 mattes and 6 foils)
  • The Queen of Hearts is available on Amazon.
  • Palettes are cruelty free

Fashion Fair on Amazon (advertisement)

Jacque Mgido

  • Eye Shadow Palette (12 highly pigmented eye shadows in multi-colors)

Joy Lorraine Cosmetics

  • Gorgeously Matte (9 matte eye shadows saturated with silky shades), paraben and cruelty free
  • 120 Color Neutral Palette (120 satiny matte and shimmer shadows)
  • Paradise Color Palette (18 colors that a bright, bold, and beautiful)

Juvia’s Place

  • Queen (6 unique beautiful shades in pink, purple, red and more)
  • Warrior (9 colors in gold, bronzes, and browns)
  • Warrior II (9 matte and earth toned colors)
  • Nubian (12 neutral highly pigmented shades, 4 transition matte and 8 shimmery pearl textured colors)
  • Nubian Mini (6 shadows with the top colors from the Nubian palette)
  • Nubian II (4 matte colors and 8 metallic colors, with larger pan sizes), paraben and cruelty free
  • Nubian 3 Coral ( 12 shades, mix of corals, peaches and greys)
  • Saharan (12 vibrant colors, including 4 matte shadows)
  • Afrique ( 12 highly pigmented shades with shimmer colors that can be used wet or dry)
  • Tribe (9 highly pigmented shades consisting of green and brown earth tones)
  • Magic  Mini (16 cool and warm tones inspired by the moon and sun)
  • Masquerade Palette (16 bold colors with nude and brown tones, blues, fuchsia, and purple among others)
  • Zulu (9 highly pigmented colors, 6 matte and 3 metallic shimmers)
  • Bundles (representing combinations of eye shadow palettes) are also available
  • Juvia’s Place eye shadow palettes are also available at Ulta (advertisement).
  • Many palettes are available on Amazon (advertisement).

Ka’oir Cosmetics

  • K Palette consisting of 13 richly pigmented colors that includes an eye shadow brush, a mirror, and autograph from Keyshia Ka’oir


  • A selection of palettes consisting of 15 eye shadows such as “Kande Rain” and “Cherish the Day”
  • Love At First Sight consisting of 12 shimmery eye shadows
  • EyeKande palette consisting of 5 eye shadows and 5 matching glitters

Klarity Kosmetics

  • Chokolate Seduction consisting of 9 shades in warm chocolates
  • Glam & Go consisting of  12 colors in gold, green, and nude matte and foil shadows
  • Python Palette conisisting of a mixure of foil and matte shadows (blue, yellow, brown, and cream colors)
  • Reign consisting of 8 colors with foils and mattes in a range of colors
  • A selection of 5 color palettes with various colors

Makeup for Melanin Girls (MFMG)

  • Glitter Palette consisting of 18 glitter shadows

Mented Cosmetics

  • Everyday Eye Shadow Palette (9 pigmented nude and neutral shades)
  • Available on Amazon



  • Pro Pigment  where you can choose 15, 20, or 30 colors (matte and bold)
  • World Tour consisting of 24 colors (shimmers, mattes, neutrals, and more)

Pat McGrath Labs (advertisement)

  • Mothership collections are available at Sephora (advertisement).
  • Mothership I:  Subliminal  (10 classic shades in brilliant blues and violets, mesmerizing jewel tones, lustrous golds and signature matte neutrals)
  • Mothership II: Sublime  (10 cult-classic shades in fiery coppers, poetic pinks, mesmerizing jewel tones, brilliant bronze and signature matte neutrals)
  • Mothership III:  Subversive Palette (10 classic shades in vivid violets, mutational blues, sumptuous greens and signature matte neutrals)
  • Mothership V: Bronze Seduction ( 10 colors ranging from ravishingly radiant rose gold, incendiary crimson and molten metallic bronzes to mesmerizing mattes)
  • Several Mothership MINI 6 eye shadow palettes are available
  • Many palettes are available on Amazon.


Posh 21 Cosmetics

  • A “Double Dutch” Palette (5 matte shades, and 5 hyper-pigmented pressed glitters)

Sweet Sugar Cosmetics

  • A chocolate palette with 5 mate and 5 shimmer shades
  • A candy eyshadow palette wth 25 matte and shimmer shades that over the rainbow

Ruby Lips Cosmetics

  • Too Much Sauce (with 10 eye shadows and 2 highlighters)

The Crayon Case

  • Box of Crayons (18 vibrant shadows in a variety of pigmented colors)
  • The New Rule (5 shimmer and 7 matte shadows)
  • Watch Me Blush (12 highly pigmented shimmer and matte shadows in a variety of colors)
  • The Matte Book (26 extremely pigmented matte shadows in wild and vivid colors)

UOMA Beauty

  • Black Magic Color Palette – Poise (10 highly pigmented colors, with red, yellow, brown, gold, and blue)
  • Black Magic Color Palette – Savage (10 highly pigmented colors, with red, blue, silver, and black)
  • Black Magic Color Palette – Allure (10 highly pigmented colors, with green, yellow, and gold)
  • Palettes are paraben and cruelty free

Vickzinoo Collections

  • A 15 eye shadow glitter palette,
  • An 18 eye shadow glitter matte palette
  • A 24 eye shadow glitter palette

In reviewing these products, I hope you find eye shadow palettes that work for you.

Happy Shopping!

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