What will the black owned challenge mean for you in 2018?


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Several individuals and organizations have put forth a black owned challenge.  The challenge is to increase our support of black owned businesses.  Maggie Anderson through an “Empowerment Experiment” has chronicled how increasing patronage of black owned businesses promotes jobs and additional benefits for the African American community.   Black Lives Matter, The Official Black Wall Street, among others have created tools and apps to increase our knowledge of and access to black owned businesses.  What will all of this mean for you when making purchases in 2018?

For me, it means ongoing actions and decisions that support black owned businesses.  These include the following.

  1. Knowing about black owned product options before making purchases.
  2. Asking myself how I can purchase what I desire from a black owned business.
  3. Planning ahead with purchases since many will be made online.
  4. Recognizing the many benefits of shopping at black owned businesses.
  5. Taking pride in wearing, using, and showcasing my black owned purchases.
  6. Remembering that black owned brands will meet my needs.
  7. Knowing that goods sold in chain retail outlets such as bath and body products, cosmetics, jewelry, jeans, watches, and so forth, can readily be purchased from black owned businesses, and at reasonable prices.

Our website, Shop with Leslie and blog posts provide a road map to help you find products that meet your everyday and special occasion needs.  Be a part of the black owned challenge for 2018!

Happy New Year!

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4 thoughts on “What will the black owned challenge mean for you in 2018?

  1. Is there a blk owned business directory? Chicago used to distribute “The Black Pages” phone book which was very convenient in supporting blk owned businesses. Printed by same company which distributed White/ Yellow Pages.

    1. Hi Janet, there are online directories. Black Lives Matter and the Official Wall Street both have apps that let you find local black businesses. The links are in my New Year’s Day post about the black owned challenge. Also, Shoppe Black has state directories. Here is the link, https://shoppeblack.us/category/shopping-guide/. Best of luck! Leslie

  2. Loveeee this! I will be planning out my purchases and doing research on black owned buisnsss before considering anything else

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