Eye Beautification with Black Owned Makeup Brands (Colored Eyeliner)


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Going beyond traditional black or brown eyeliner can be a quick and easy way to enhance the eye.  In choosing alternative eyeliner colors, there are several things to consider.  These include selecting colors that complement your eyes, ensuring the eyeliner doesn’t clash with other makeup, and taking into account your outfit and appearance goals.  Is it for work, after hours, a special occasion?  Do you want a conservative opposed to more dramatic look?  See the references below for suggestions about choosing colored eyeliners.

In reviewing various black owned makeup brands, there are several companies with colored eyeliner products (including white) in the form of pencils (thick and thin) and liquid gels.  These include the following.

  1. BAABS Beauty – Gel pencils in Mallard Green and Moody Blue
  2. Beauty Bakerie – GELato Gel Eyeliner (Belgian Biscotti, So Marshmallow)
  3. Danessa Myricks Beauty – Waterproof Cushion Colors (Cloud Control, Liquid Lilac, Atlantic, Blue Skies, Bluejay and Nightwalk)
  4. Iman Cosmetics – Perfect Eye Shadow Pencil (Intrigue, Desire, Deception, Forbidden and Seduction)
  5. Joy Lorraine Cosmetics – Gel eyeliner Pencil (Voyage/Navy); Smudge-Proof Gel Eyeliner (Black Plum, Bronze, Hunter, Indigo, and Ivy)
  6. Ka’Oir – lip crayon collections for the eyes or lips (Purple Star, Sexual, Sunlight, Back Up, Dive In, Out of Control, Ultra Bright, Navy Seal, and Royalty)
  7. Pat McGrath Labs – Permagel Ultra Glide Eye Pencil (Indigo with Blue Pearl)
  8. The Crayon Case – Package of six colored pencils (including Magentle and Plump)
  9. Valana Minerals – Thick Pencil (Big Bang, Stellar and Cosmic)
  10. Vera Moore Cosmetics – Eye Liner Pencil (Midnight Blue, Sapphire, Ocean Liner, Denim, Jaded, Emerald and Glitz)
  11. Viola Fox Cosmetics – Pencil Eye (Khaki and Midnight Blue) Pencil Gel Eye (Gold Mine, Electric Avenue, Moody Blue, Mallard Green, and Tin Roof)

I hope you find one or more colored eyeliners that work for you!

Happy Shopping!

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