Valentine’s Day Statement and Unique Jewelry For Him and Her (Black Owned)

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With Valentine’s Day approaching, it is a good time to showcase higher end statement and unique jewelry pieces from black owned brands.  These jewelry lines epitomize high quality craftsmanship and creativity.  In reviewing information from their websites, it seemed like there was a story behind each piece and collection.  In addition, many  products were handcrafted, made locally, and developed using sustainable practices.

While Shop with Leslie has described and linked to some favorite items, you are encouraged to explore all of what these jewelry brands have to offer.  As some pieces are original and custom made, you want to act soon.  Here’s to hoping you find that exceptional piece for your special someone.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Adele Dejak Hamazzi Choker – Made of recycled brass, this sophisticated choker can be worn for day or evening events.  ($180.00)

Barbara Campbell Button Charm Bracelet – A fabulous handcrafted charm bracelet with vintage gold buttons.  ($125.00)

Billie Hillard’s Jimmie Gorget #3 – This statement necklace is crafted using the “lost wax” method of casting which intensifies the details and individuality of each piece. ($296.00)

Brave Chick’s Dangling Pearl Ear Cuff – This unique ear adornment contains small pearls that hang from a gold plated chain.  Very feminine.  ($100.00)

Candid Art Accessories Body Chains – These chains accentuate different parts of the upper body and make outfits pop. ($90.00 – $180.00)

Christopher Augmon 18 Karat Yellow Gold Y Oval Necklace – This 18 karat, 20 inch handcrafted necklace is exquisite and delicate. ($925.00)

Island Niche Botswana Agate and Silver Beaded Necklace with Gemstone Pendant – Ancient metalsmithing techniques used to develop this piece contribute to its exclusivity and originality. ($610.00)

LilyEmme Jewelry Chrysoprase & Ruby Halo Ring – Rubies surround a vibrant green chrysoprase gemstone set in recycled 18 karat gold.  An original find!  ($1,400.00)

Lorraine West Garland Oval Cuff – This lovely handmade brass cuff is appropriate for festive occasions and everyday wear.  ($185.00)

Mehary Jewel Warrior Cuff – This brass cuff with geometric designs is both inspirational and empowering. ($180.00)

Made by Malyia Artemis Hand Chain – This customized piece beautifully accents the fingers, back of the hand, and wrist.  (from $75.00)

Pichulik By the Sea Necklace – This brass cast necklace embellished with abolone shells is bright and soft.  (420.00/Euros)

Third Crown Marcy Ring – This eye catching ring, with bold and geometric features is part of a “melting arc” collection.  ($200.00 – $220.00)

The Dipper by Tinsel – This audio necklace offers style and high quality sound:  A striking necklace with earbuds. ($199.00)


44th Legacy POTUS Cuff-Links – Medallion style cuff-links that commemorate the legacy of Barack Obama, in ancient bronze, sterling silver, or 18 karat gold.  (from $85.00)

Akweley Design Ethiopian Cross Pendant Necklace – A 34 ½ inch handmade cross pendant created with recycled materials that can also be customized.  ($170.00)

Christopher Augmon Kwango Natural Bow Tie – An elegant handcrafted natural python (grey) and water snake bow-tie, with an adjustable strap. ($495.00)

Melanie Marie Cut Out Dog Tags –  Wonderfully customized dog tags on one chain celebrate your union.  (from $145.00)

Third Crown Hedron Signet Ring – A beveled ring with a “crown” logo conveys appreciation and adoration.  ($280.00)

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ALSO, Shop With Leslie offers a Premium Content section with Buying Guides and Sales Information.  You will find 1000+ inexpensive and fabulous items for $25.00 and less from black owned companies. That is 300+ items for $10.00 and less, 200+ items from $10.01 to $15.00, and 500+ items from $15.01 to $25.00.  Great sales at 50% off are also posted.  We do the legwork so you don’t have to!  You can sign up HERE for the low cost of $4.95 per year.

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