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This is an update from a previous post about makeup primer and remover to provide additional information about their uses, and new products.  Makeup primer and remover are considered essential elements of a beauty regiment.  Makeup primer is applied after moisturizer and before makeup.  The use of a makeup primer serves several purposes.  These include serving as a protective shield between the skin and makeup, reducing the appearance of oil or shine, and increasing the longevity of your makeup application.  Makeup primer also smooths the surface of the skin and helps to conceal blemishes and fine lines.  There are various types of primers that can be applied underneath foundation, eye shadow, and lipstick.  It is important to consider your skin type (e.g., oily versus dry) in choosing a makeup primer.6

Removing makeup at the end of the day is also important.  Skin cells rejuvenate while sleeping and makeup can clog the pores and impede cell rejuvenation.  The failure to remove makeup can also irritate and damage the skin.  There are different types of makeup removers that serve different purposes.  These include products for the face, lips and eyes, as well as oil-based removers, and portable wipes.  Again, you should consider your skin type in selecting a makeup remover.4

There are several options for makeup primer and remover among black owned brands.  See the tables below for more information.  I encourage you to review products on company websites to identify those that work for you.

Happy Shopping!

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Makeup Primers

Company Name Name of Product(s) Size Features
Bahi Oily Skin Primer

Dry Skin Primer

2 oz.

2 oz.

Smooths away pores
BLAC Prime-Prefix Face Primer 1 oz. Reduces shine
Danessa Myricks Beauty Prism FX Hydrating Lotion 3 oz. Liquid elixir that also works as a primer
Joy Lorraine Cosmetics



Eye and Lip Primer

Face Primer

Pore Perfecting Primer

.10 oz

1.0 oz.

1.0 oz.


Softens fine lines & wrinkles

Reduces the appearance of pores and wrinkles

Ká Oir Primer (Eye and Lip) 3 g Waterproof
Luv + Co. Face and Eye Primer Pre-makeup base
Magnolia Eye Fix Eye Primer
Plain Jane Beauty Time to Prime – Makeup Primer 1.2 oz. Plant based and vegan

Makeup Removers

Company Name Name of Product Size or Type  



B.A.A.B.S Make-up Eraser Cloth Lasts 1000 washes
Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip Remover Wipe 50 Wipes
Best Face Forward Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

6.5 oz.


Oil free

Removes all traces of makeup

Danessa Myricks Beauty Essential Eye and Lip Makeup Remover .125 oz  Gentle formula
Joy Lorraine Cosmetics Dual Action Makeup Remover

Makeup Remover Wipes

4.3 oz.



Removes waterproof makeup

25 wipes

Luv & Co. Organic Makeup Remover Organic no rinse makeup remover
Plain Jane Beauty Micellar Makeup Remover 4.4 oz. Removes tough makeup
Tyra Beauty Pop It Clean Wipes 12 or 24 pods, For on the go
Vera Moore Cosmetics Eye Makeup Remover 1.0 oz. Removes waterproof and non-waterproof eye makeup

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