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The use of false eyelashes has become increasingly popular.  Cosmetically, lavish lashes are striking and draw attention to the eyes.  Research suggests that eyelashes serve to protect the eyes from dryness and dust particles in the air, and that medium length lashes (about one third of your eye width) may be most beneficial.

There are many styles and varieties.  Individual and flare lashes are attached to one’s natural eyelashes, often at a salon by an Esthetician or trained specialist.  Strip lashes on the other hand tend to be applied (doing it yourself) over the lash-line.  Varieties include human hair and mink lashes which are more lightweight and natural in appearance.  Faux mink and silk lashes are also available.  Synthetic lashes are comparatively firmer, less expensive, and more voluminous.  Double and 3D labeled eyelashes also indicate more volume.  While most lashes tend to be full (designed for the entire eyelid), there are other types (e.g., corner, three quarter, and end) as well as lower lash (or bottom) styles.

One can reuse false eyelashes with proper care, with some brands suggesting 20 or more wears.  In selecting a lash style, one has to consider eye shape and other factors.  See the reference section for information about selecting the right style of eyelashes for you.

You have many false eyelash options from black owned makeup brands.

  1. Bahi offers 6 styles of synthetic eyelashes, along with a lash bundle containing 3 types including adhesive.
  2. Coloured Raine offers over 25 styles of strip eyelashes, that are made in the USA and FDA approved.  These include several styles of faux mink eyelashes with invisible bands and 100% silk eyelashes.
  3. D Lashes offers kits containing different styles of strip eyelashes, adhesive, and tweezers.  Flare and strip eyelashes are also sold separately, including 3D, as well as bottom, and end styled lashes.
  4. Danessa Myricks offers over 10 strip eyelash options made of 100% human hair with invisible bands, including double stacked strip eyelashes.  There are also several other types of flare and strip eyelashes made of synthetic fibers.
  5. Ka’oir offers 10 different styles of strip lashes made of 100% human hair.
  6. Lena Lashes offers a variety of strip mink eyelashes and synthetic 3D lashes with invisible bands.
  7. Marshall Julian offers 20 styles of Siberian mink lashes, most of which are 3D.
  8. Plain Jane Beauty offers individual and strip eyelashes, including a corner style.
  9. So So Shanel offers many varieties of 3D mink lashes, along with collection boxes that include several styles.

I hope you find eyelashes to suit your needs.

Happy Shopping!

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  1. I am not a fan of false eyelashes of any kind. However, I must admit the more natural they look the more intrigued I become. I get all my personal needs involving beauty from Black entrepreneurs.

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