Free and Low Cost Makeup Samples from Black Owned Brands

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Finding the right makeup is a process.  You have to figure out what colors work for you and sample products, especially when it comes to foundation.  As you do this, know there are plenty of samples offered through black owned makeup brands.  See the following companies for details.

  1. AJ Crimson offers a Match Me Perfect Sample Kit with 12 shades of their signature foundations in addition to a banana creme highlighter.  You also receive two correctors ($35.00).
  2. B.A.A.B.S has foundation samples where you can choose a color family and receive 3 corresponding shades.  An oil mattifier with instructions is also included ($5.00).
  3. BLAC Minerals has product samples for concealers, foundation (custom mixed and sets), finish dust powder, and blush. ($ 2.00 – $10.00).
  4. Hue Noir notes on their foundations page that free samples are available upon request.
  5. Jacque Mgido offers foundation samples in multiple colors. ($3.00).
  6. Luv + Co. has sample sizes for loose and mineral foundations, and balm and cover creams. ($3.50).
  7. Magnolia Makeup offers a set of foundation samples for half the price of the full  set. ($50.00).
  8. Plain Jane Beauty offers a multitude of samples.  These include sets of foundations, eye shadows (matte and shimmers), highlighter, blush, color corrector, concealer, translucent powder,  makeup primer, and coconut water setting mist.  ($1.50 – $13.00).
  9. Valana Minerals offers luxury and creme foundation samples ($2.25) and sample kits ($23.99 – 49.99) that include a variety of items.

In conclusion, I have found that the availability of makeup sample offerings change, and I will routinely update this post.

Happy Shopping!

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