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In this post the focus is on black owned brands providing grooming products designated for men.  In reviewing these companies, I saw a pattern of healthful practices (e.g., handcrafted products, use of natural ingredients) along with competitive prices.  I encourage you to take the time to explore these wonderful products created by innovative and resourceful entrepreneurs; and find what suits your needs.  Specific categories of products are indicated below.  As you the click the company links, in most cases you will be directed to either the home page or section of men’s products.  Free shipping and rewards programs may be available.

The table below represents SPONSORS of Shop With Leslie and we appreciate their support!  You are encouraged to click their product links and explore!

Sponsor Product Information
Garner's Garden
Garner's Garden offers beard butter and beard oil, in addition to a men's natural aftershave.  African black and Egyptian musk soaps are also available.   Unisex deodorants include natural and activated charcoal with your choice of strength.  Free shipping on orders over $55.00.


  • All Things O’Natural offers a beard oil.
  • Bél Nouvo offers a beard butter.
  • Cream & Coco offers a beard butter balm and beard glaze.
  • Daükens Arôme Co. offers a variety of beard and body oils.
  • FabYouLife offers a hair and beard oil, and beard cream.
  • Flo + Theo offers a beard elixir.
  • Glass City Skin Care offers a beard balm and beard oil.
  • Itiba offers a beard oil, beard balm, and liquid cleanser that can be used for beards.
  • Ixora Botanical Beauty offers a hydrating beard soap, and debonair hydrating beard cream.
  • Lather & More offers various beard balms and beard oils.
  • Mature Kinky Creations offers a beard balm softener, and beard & hair oil.
  • MelakuAromaTherapy offers an all natural beard balm, beard wash, and beard oil.
  • Meta Naturals offers a conditional beard oil, beard balm, and shampoo for the beard, face, and mustache.
  • Meticulous offers a beard butter, beard balm, and beard oil.
  • Natural Passion offers a beard and facial butter.
  • NBI offers a beard balm, and beard and skin serum.
  • Oyin Handmade offers a foaming beard wash and grooming spray for the beard and short hair. A detangling beard conditioner and beard butter are also available.
  • Pardo Naturals offers a beard (and facial) scrub.  A beard wash, oil, and balm are also available.
  • Petals Bath Boutique offers a two artisan beard oils.
  • Scotch Porter offers several products for the beard (e.g., wash,  serum, conditioner, balm).  Sample products are also available.
  • Shear & Shine offers various types of beard oils.
  • Soleil Essentials offers a cooling beard oil.
  • Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil offers a beard oil.
  • The Shea Shack offers a selection of beard oils, and a beard butter, and an all natural beard care set.
  • Tribewalks offers a beard upkeep set that includes a beard oil, beard nourishment, face and beard soap, Shea buttercream and a grooming canister.  A stand alone beard oil is also offered.
  • Xotics by Curtis offers scented beard oils and scented beard balms.
  • Velvet Noir offers a selection of beard oils, balms, and co-washes.






  • Astrida Naturals offers a tea tree and facial moisturizer for oily skin.
  • Bubble Bistro offers a skin vacuum detox face and body bar.
  • Ceylon offers a detoxifying face wash, hydrating toner, and clarifying moisturizer.
  • Clear Essence offers a bump control cleansing bar for the face.
  • Dirty Beauty offers a face care set, and facial soap with brush.
  • Ixora Botanical Beauty offers facial spa bars in different scents, a maracuja face oil, a marula face oil, and a hyaluronic acid serum.  A face trilogy set consisting of an oil cleanser, sugar scrub, and face butter is also available.
  • Kimo Bentley offers a daily face moisturizer, and a hydrating facial toner.
  • Mature Kinky Creations offers a raw African black soap cleanser.
  • Meta Naturals offers a shampoo for the face, beard, and mustache.
  • Natural Passion offers an opulent facial scrub, resplendence facial mist, and opulent facial pudding.
  • NBI offers a facial moisturizer.
  • Nyraju Natural Skin & Hair Care offers a facial cleanser, toner, cream, and scrub for African American men.
  • Scotch Porter offers a face wash, face scrub, and face lotion.
  • The Butter Bar Skincare offers a facial set that includes a cleanser, toner, moisturizer and beard oil.
  • The Shea Shack offers a diesel strong charcoal detox facial cleanser.
  • Vera Moore Cosmetics offers a variety of facial products for men including serums, masks, moisturizers, and scrubs.



Happy Explorations!

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