National Buy Black Coffee Day (May 29, 2018): Find your Product

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After the arrests of two African American men at a Starbucks, and to coincide with the racial bias training at all Starbucks locations, The Black Star Project has designated May 29, 2018 as “National Eat at a Black Coffee Shop Day.”  On The Black Star Project website, you can find hundreds of black owned local coffee shops in which to patronize.  The Black Star Project is also promoting the importance of supporting black owned businesses more generally, towards the economic well-being and development of the black community.

There are several black owned coffee brands that you can purchase online.  Products include whole bean (roasted and unroasted/green), 100% Arabica, light to dark roasted, espresso, ground, caffeinated and decaffeinated, organic, and coffee for Keurig 2.0 machines.  In reviewing these companies, I found histories and coffee tidbits that were quite interesting!  You will also find a pattern of direct and fair trade, sustainable practices, community support, and involvement.

See these links and descriptions to find specific products. 

  • Boon Boona focuses on high quality coffee from east Africa.  Products include roasted and green (unroasted) whole bean coffee.
  • Café ULU is an economic development cooperative that offers 100% Arabica caffeinated and decaffeinated whole bean coffees from African and South American nations.
  • Darrin’s Coffee Co.  is a “best coffee shop” winner (2016 & 2017).  An assortment of products are offered including whole bean roasted coffees from single origins (e.g., Kenya, Haiti), blended, and flavored.  Light to medium, dark roasted, organic, decaffeinated, and espresso coffees are denoted.  A “Mandigo Warrior” coffee, compatible with Keurig 2.0 machines is also available.
  • Red Bay Coffee offers coffee from around the globe.  A variety of whole bean coffees are available including single origin, medium and dark roasted, espresso, and decaffeinated.
  • Sihle’s Brew  is a South African coffee company also dedicated to training local baristas.  Products include 100% Arabica, medium and dark roasted coffees, in addition to an espresso. One can choose from smaller or large sized coffee, whole bean, and ground.
  • Sweet Unity Farms focuses on east African coffee grown in high mountain regions. Whole bean and ground gourmet coffee of various sizes are available.
  • Zesa Raw is a social entrepreneurial company emphasizing ‘agricultural honesty.’  Organic, 100% Arabica, whole bean, and ground coffees are offered, including sets.

I hope you find coffees to suit your everyday and special occasions needs.

Happy Shopping!

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