Fantastic Father’s Day Gifts from Black Owned Brands

As father’s day approaches, you have an abundance of options from black owned brands to express your gratitude for and honor of the man or men in your life who helped raised you.  Some practical or luxury gifts include watches, neck wear, and cuff-links.

Wooden watches are trending.  Ambition Collections offers a “Motion 1st Edition Automatic Timepiece.”  It is handcrafted of black sandalwood and ebony, and does not need a battery, running instead on kinetic energy.  SPGBK offers four types of wooden watches, each of which is crafted from a different wood.  A lifetime warranty and free shipping are available. Enbois Originals also offers several styles of wooden watches, crafted from zebra wood, ebony, walnut, and sandalwood, with 14K gold and black stainless steel accents.  Classic watches made of metal, canvas, and leather straps in various colors are available through Banneker, Benson, Talley & Twine, and Youngblood.

Neck- and bow-ties are always a practical gift whether for the office, social functions, or places of worship.  Designed by Don offers numerous neck-ties and handkerchief sets made of jacquard and woven silk, and satin.  Bow-tie and handkerchief sets made of woven silk are also available.  Customized bow-ties are available through Jay Austin where you select your collar size, style (tied or untied), and shape (i.e., Classic, Jackson, Windsor, Diamond, and Butterfly).  Mo’s Bows offers self tie bow-ties made of cotton and NBA themed.  Cotton and NBA themed neck-ties are also available.

Sheir Elegance offers handcrafted sports themed and patterned bow-ties.  Laura Jane Fashion also offers handcrafted and African print bow-ties.  William + James offers hand and made to order, limited edition bow-ties using distinctive fabrics (e.g., various tweed patterns, silk, wax, and mud cloth).  The Un-Tie offers a “3 in 1” approach to neck- and bow-ties, allowing one to create a variety of looks with one set.  Neck- and bow-tie sets have patterned cut outs through which reversible inserts can be placed to change the look.  The neck wear can also be worn without the inserts to pickup shirt colors.  The 3 in 1 process is detailed in their video.

Cuff-links are another go to accessory for father’s day and beyond.  Riada Adair offers many styles of cuff-links that are wooden and customized.  Monogrammed cuff-links are available, as well as a state cuff-link, where you can select among (U.S.) states.  Maddi Jaxx  has cuff-links in semi-precious materials (e.g., Druzy, Abalone shell, and Jasper).  ULove Jewelry offers a variety of gemstone cuff-links enclosed with sterling silver.  WC Artistry has cuff-links in Ankara style fabrics.

Precious metal cuff-links are available at 44th Legacy.  POTUS cuff-links are available in yellow alloy, sterling silver, and 18K gold.  “Yes we can, 2008” is scrolled across the bottom.  Finally, Christopher Augmon offers 18K white and yellow gold cuff-links.

I hope that in reviewing these descriptions and company websites, you find the father’s day gift that works.

Happy Shopping! 

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