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Pomade is an age-old hair styling product used for many purposes.  These include creating and maintaining waves, locs, and twist styles.  Pomades are also used to add shine, moisturize, nourish the hair and scalp, lengthen curl patterns, and hold styles in place.  Pomades from black owned brands are plentiful including those for wet and dry hair.  In reviewing products on Shop With Leslie, I found most were free of petroleum, and contained nutrient rich ingredients such as coconut oil and Shea butter.  Though pomades are used on many hair types, some pomades were designated for men.  See the companies below for more information.

  1. Anita Grant offers a Passion Fruit Coconut Pomade to naturally define curls without leaving them waxy.  An Organic Bergamot option is also available.
  2. Asim Supreme offers both a Supreme Wave, and Elite Wave and Scalp Butter Pomade to enhance waves, hold and moisturize hair.
  3. Bejia Flor Naturals offers a Cali Peach Pomade with 100% vegetarian ingredients to nourish the scalp, moisturize, correct split ends, and enhance shine.
  4. Curls offers a Super Sculpting Blueberry Bliss CURL Control Paste to help control edges, hold and define curls.  A Passion Fruit CURL Control Paste is offered which also helps to control frizz.
  5. Color Us Simply Holistic (CUSH) offers a Mango Pomade with wheat germ, jojoba, and coconut oil to help nourish and moisturize hair.  It is also in the men’s section.
  6. Frederick Benjamin offers grooming products for men, including a Sleek Water Pomade that contains castor and argan oil to hydrate the hair and promote growth.
  7. Hairobics All Natural offers a Raaw Roots Soft Pomade with ingredients to  moisturize, prevent split ends, add a protective covering, and guard against dandruff.
  8. Kinky Curly offers a Gloss Pomade for smoothing edges, shine, stretching and separating curls, and as a finishing product.
  9. Koils by Nature offers a Men’s Moisturizing Herbal Pomade to protect and nourish the hair, and provide shine.
  10. Kreyòl Essence offers a Pomade Kreyòl with castor oil and Aloe Vera to strengthen hair from the root.  It also can be used in creating waves.
  11. Mixed Chicks offers a Slick Styling Tamer to tame edges, create, and hold a variety of hairstyles.
  12. My Honey Child offers a Honey Love Pomade that provides a high shine, with a medium/firm- and all day hold.
  13. Morning Dew offers two moisturizing pomades (Blackberry Molasses and Honey Almond Marmalade) that help with hold, and work for twists, locs, and waves.
  14. Oyin Handmade offers a Sugar Berries, and a Burnt Sugar Pomade, both of which serve to lock in moisture, nourish the scalp, and increase shine.
  15. Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil offers two types of Hair Food Pomade (Lavender and Extra Dark) that moisturizes, defines, and adds shine to hair.  A Pomade Just For Men is also offered that nourishes hair, promotes growth, and adds shine.
  16. Qhemet Biologics offers both a Castor and Amla Nourishing, and a Tea Tree and Lavender Pomade, that among other things condition the scalp and foster hair growth.
  17. The Good Hair Shop offers a Sweet Honey Pomade that works with afros, locs, and twist outs, and for setting rod styles.
  18. Wonder Curl offers a Polishing Pomade that nourishes the hair while adding softness and shine. It also serves to reduce flyaway locs.
  19. You Be Natural offers a two different pomades, an S-Curl 360 Style Pomade, and an S-Curl Wave Control Pomade.  Both offer protection for dry, brittle hair.

In reviewing these companies, I hope you find a pomade that works for you.

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Happy Shopping! 

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