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Fascinators have received renewed attention this year, and are popular world wide.  Fascinators are appropriate for many occasions throughout the year including weddings, church, teas, and other social gatherings.  It is important though to chose your fascinator(s) wisely to consider the shape of your face, outfit, hairstyle, and more.  Fortunately, you have many fascinator options from black owned brands.  This includes embellished headbands that are fascinator like.  See the companies below for more details. 

Some of the following are affiliate links.  As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.  This means at no cost to you, Shop With Leslie will receive a commission should you use the link in making a purchase.

  • Afrikrea offers a selection of fascinators with embellishments, and with Ankara prints.

  • American Hats offers a large selection of fascinators in many colors and styles.

  • Chic & Curvy is offering a selection of “final sale” fascinators in many styles and colors.

  • Harlem’s Heaven Hats has silk headbands with floral embellishments.  Hat fascinator styles include horse hair headbands with netting and an applique; and fascinators with flower embellishments.  Many colors are available.
  • Harriet Rosebud Hats has headband- and hat styled fascinators in a variety of forms, fabrics, and colors.

  • Loc•cessories offers a selection of fascinator hair clips that incorporate Ankara and contemporary elements.

  • Maya’s Ideas offers one of kind, handcrafted hat styled fascinators made with sustainable and vintage materials.

  • LipaSabyMNK offers a fascinator headband with Ankara fabric and buttons.

  • Vita Talie offers an embellished headband lined in silk and topped with a floral headpiece and veil.

In reviewing these companies, I hope you find fascinators that work for you.

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Happy Shopping! 

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5 thoughts on “Get Your Fascinator On From Black Owned Brands

  1. I love fascinators and big hats! But, it’s so hard finding them, especially if you’re not shopping online. I have an event coming up in a couple months that requires a big hat! I will definitely try the companies that you suggested when it’s time to buy one! Thank you girl!

  2. I remember my first fascinate. It was everything and nobody could tell me anything! I’m trying not to start a collection but I may just have to bite the bullet.

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