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Coconut oil is extracted from the white flesh within the coconut.  The oil is a common ingredient in lotion, soap, and other beauty goods.  It also has many uses as a stand alone product.  This includes makeup removal as coconut oil serves the dual purpose of breaking down dirt and water repellent substances while also softening skin.  However, as coconut oil can clog pores, I usually finish with a makeup remover.  Further, coconut oil can be used as a face and body moisturizer, hair conditioner, foot treatment, and more.  See the companies and product links below for more details.

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  • Anita Grant (advertisement) offers an organic virgin coconut oil that is cold pressed from the milk and flesh within an hour of opening the coconut.  A sample size is available.  Products are pictured below (advertisement).

  • Alaffia offers a fermented coconut oil, that is unrefined and made in West Africa using a traditional fermentation method.  
  • Alaffia on Amazon (advertisement)

In reviewing these companies and products, I hope you find a coconut oil that works for you.

Happy shopping! 

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