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With Fall on the horizon, you may be considering changes or additions to your décor.  And, in ways that enhance indoor comfort.  There are many products from black owned brands in our home goods category that can advance your redecorating efforts.  As the weather changes, keeping warm and cozy is essential.  In this post therefore, our focus is on decorative pillows and throws.  See the companies below for details.

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  • Deluxe Designs has a variety of culturally themed and representative pillows based on their art work.  Pillows are double-sided and made of 100% spun polyester poplin fabric.  Pillows include the insert. A selection of throws is also available.

  • It’s A Black Thang (advertisement) offers a diverse selection of throw pillows with cultural themes. They are 17 x17 and made of diverse textiles such as cotton and jacquard woven cotton. 
  • Lakay Designs (advertisement) offers a large assortment of rectangular pillows in Ankara fabric.  Pillows are made of 100% soft spun polyester.  Large African continent shaped (i.e., Big Africa) pillows, made of Ankara fabric are also available.  Pillows are available in a variety of color palettes and described as very firm.

  • Lanre Studio (advertisement) offers artistic double sided pillows in several sizes that are made of 100% polyester twill.  The insert is included.  Floor pillows are also available.  A selection of throws are also offered that are crafted with sherpa fleece. 

  • Tiare Smith Designs (advertisement) offers a selection of  artistic double sided pillows in several sizes that are made of 100% polyester twill.  The insert is included.  Floor pillows are also available.  A selection of throws are also offered that are crafted with sherpa fleece.

  • Africaboutik offers a selection of indigo tie-dye pillows, and several African print throws.

  • AphroChic offers a large assortment of pillows in signature patterns inspired by African and African American culture.  Patterns are on the front with a solid color on the back.  Fabrics are cotton/linen blends and the pillow inserts contain 90% down feathers.

  • Bespoke Binney offers a large assortment of African wax print pillow covers (sold without inserts). The African wax print fabric is on the front and the back is an unbleached cotton twill.  Two styles of throws are offered, both with African print on the front and fleece on the back.  It could also serve as a baby blanket.

  • BMike Brandan Odums offers microfiber pillows with cultural themes.  These include “Black Jesus” and “I am my ancestors wildest dreams.”

  • Bolé Road Textiles offers a large assortment of double-sided pillows in neutral and vibrant colors.  Fabrics are handwoven in Ethiopia.  Their fabrics include 100% Ethiopian cotton, cotton/acrylic, and polyester/acrylic blends.  The pillows come with down/feather inserts.  A varied assortment of throws are available in neutral and vibrant colors.  Similarly, throw fabrics are handwoven in Ethiopia and include 100% Ethiopian cotton and cotton/acrylic blends.

  • Effortless Composition offers a large selection of pillows in various colors, sizes, and textures (e.g. cotton and linen).  Throws in different styles and textures are also available.

  • Elle Gibson offers a variety of pillows in classic and traditional patterns.  Patterns  are available in multiple color palettes.  Pillows comes in different fabrics such as 100% natural linen, cotton sateen, and linen/cotton blends.  A feather insert is included, and  pillows have a concealed zipper.  Pillows are one-sided with a solid backing.
  • Elouise & Ethel offer various “Black Girl Magic” themed and double sided pillows made of spun polyester.

  • Inspirado offers pillows with motivational and inspirational content.  Standard and custom orders are available.  Pillows are made of twill and double-sided.  Eco friendly and water based dye are used.
  • Brown Girls Club offers a selection of pillows with culturally relevant themes. Pillows are double-sided and made of 80% polyester and 20% fleece. Pillows are printed, cut, and sewn in the USA.

  • Christoff Davis offers an assortment of patterned pillows in vibrant colors.  Pillows are double-sided and fabrics are 100% spun from polyester poplin. The pillows are cut individually, sewn by hand, include a pillow insert, and hidden zipper.

  • Coco’Pie Clothing offers a “pink lip pillow” cover which also includes the insert.  The pillow is 80% polyester and 20% fleece.

  • Decortage offers a selection of reversible pillows made of African mud cloth.

  • Don’t Sleep Interiors has a variety of pillow styles which also include the insert.  Some pillows are made with vintage African textiles (e.g., Kuba and mudcloth).  Other fabrics include 100% cotton and 100% ramie.  Some pillows are one of a kind.  Several pillows have cultural and political messages (e.g. quotes and tributes to public figures such as Malcolm X and Angela Davis).  Pillows are one-sided with a solid or textured backing.


  • IQ Studio offers whimsical and artistic pillows fashioned after animals and nature.   Pillows are constructed from 100% spun polyester poplin, and have concealed zippers.  Pillows are individually cut, hand sewn, double-sided, and include down filler material.

  • IIzzie & Liv offer a variety of throw pillows with culturally relevant pictures and inscriptions. Pillows can be purchases with or without the insert.

  • Joon Africa offers mud cloth pillows in different varieties.  Fabrics include cotton twill and poly twill, and some have a zipper.  White pillow cases with inspirations (e.g., blessed, hope) printed in gold foil are also available.

  • Justina Blakeney offers a variety of pillows in different textures and fabrics (e.g., wool, cotton, fringe, tassels, and acrylic).  Pillows are inspired by global cultures, and you can select your filling (i.e., polyester or down).

  • Kashmir.VIII offers a selection of pillows in vibrant colors that depict a mix or black, urban, and popular culture.   These include “Big Momma, “S is for Soul,” and “Formation” themed pillows.  Pillow are constructed of 100% spun polyester poplin, and have concealed zippers.  Pillows are double-sided with selected designs on each side.
  • Khristina A. Howell offers a variety of pillows in floral and plaid patterns.  The pillows are made of 100% medium weight woven polyester, doubled-sided, and have a concealed zipper.

  • Llulo offers African continent shaped (Nigerian African Pillows) pillows in several solid colors (e.g., brown and black).  Pillow are constructed of faux leather or premium felt, and filled with 100% polyester.  The pillows are described as firm.

  • Malcolm X Legacy offers a selection of pillows with graphics paying homage to Malcom X. Graphics and pillows come in a variety of colors, with the graphic printed on both sides. Pillows include a zipper and insert.

  • Modern Figures Podcast offers a reversible and double sided pillow made of spun polyester that celebrates women and girls in computing.

  • Modish Decor Pillows offers pillows in a variety of colors and textures that can be customized (e.g., with a name, phrase, or logo).

  • Reflektion Design offers a variety of African print and wax print pillow covers. Some are double-sided and others have a coordinating color made of a cotton/linen blend on the back.
  • Rain + Sky offers several sequin pillow covers (inserts not included) in gold and pink.  Pillows are one-sided with a solid colored backing.  Pillows have a concealed zipper.  Pillows are hand sewn and decorated. A merino wool throw in various colors is also offered.

  • Rochelle Porter offers a selection of doubled-sided pillows in bold and intricate print patterns.  Fabrics are 100% certified organic cotton twill.  Pillow inserts are optional, and made with soft fibers from recycled bottles .  As such they are deemed safe for individuals with feather allergies.

  • The Black Artz offers a selection of “Black King and Black Queen” themed pillows.  The design is one-sided with a solid backing.  Pillows are constructed of a soft, woven 50% cotton/50% polyester blend.  Pillows have a satin finish.  The filling is polyester.  Pillows are hand cut and sewn, and made in the USA.

  • Threads by Dreads offers pillow cases in modern African styles. Pillow cases are made of 100% cotton imported from Ghana.

  • Whitney J. Decor offers a fairly large selection of pillow covers in different textures and fabrics (e.g., linen/rayon blends, faux leather, leopard print, and faux fur).  Some pillow covers are color coordinated on the front and back, others are double-sided.  The pillows have metal zippers and a feather/down insert is sold separately.  An off white Mongolian faux fur throw is also available.

  • xNasozi offers pillows by highly trained artisans.  This includes pillows that are hand printed, hand dyed, and one of a kind.  Pillows have various types of backings in concert with the print or woven fabric, and zipper or envelope enclosures.  In general, down feather inserts are sold separately.  Two types of indigo throws are also available.

In reviewing these companies and products, I found high quality fabrics, artisanship, and style.  I hope you find a pillow or throw that works for you. 

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