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Over the last two decades, specific dates in September have been in the top 5 for birthdays.  This got me thinking about babies and baby showers.  The focus of this post therefore will be onesies, as these are practical and easy to wear.  There are many stylish and fun options from black owned brands.  See the company links below for more information.

The following table represents SPONSORS of Shop With Leslie and we appreciate their support!  You are encouraged to click their product links and explore!

Sponsor Product Information


An "Angelina (also regarded as dashiki) print" onesie is offered from newborn to size 16.

    1. 828 Clothing offers unisex and gender specified onesies that are thematic (e.g., I love you to the moon and back.)
    2. Adorned by Chi offers a selection of culturally themed onesies (e.g., black and proud).
    3. Afrikrea offers a selection of onesies, rompers, and jumpsuits that incorporate African fabrics, with several being part of a set.
    4. Ariya the Mermaid offers a selection of bodysuits reflecting the company character “Ariyana The Mermaid.”
    5. Beyoncé offers a white onesie that features lyrics from “Sorry,” with a bumblebee icon on the left sleeve.
    6. Black Owned Outerwear offers a selection of onesies in various colors that contain their company insignia.
    7. Black Mom’s Blog offers a “mixed with melanin and magic” onesie.
    8. Bon Bon Vie offers a selection of onesies in different colors with culturally relevant inscriptions.
    9. Brown Girls Club offers a selection of onesies with culturally relevant inscriptions.
    10. Carrots by Anwar offers “baby carrots” onesies in several colors.
    11. Chris Chanel offers “hood princess” and “no gentrification” onesies.
    12. Cocoa Babies offers a varied selection of onesies with culturally relevant, Christian, and college themed inscriptions.
    13. Coco’Pie Clothing offers a selection of onesies with culturally relevant inscriptions.
    14. Darlying & Co. offers a selection of long sleeved rompers that come with a built in bib.
    15. Detroit-VS-Everybody offers onesies in several colors with the company logo.
    16. D’iyanu offers a selection of onesies for infants that incorporate African fabric.
    17. Elouise & Ethel offers a selection of onesies with culturally relevant themes and symbols such as crowns and “black girl magic.”
    18. Fly Nerd Apparel offers a selection of “baby bodysuits” with the company logo.
    19. Hellwig by Tikia offers a selection of short and long sleeve onesies with culturally relevant phrases and pictures.
    20. KaAn’s Designs offers a selection of onesies in different colors with a variety of inscriptions.
    21. Kweli TV offers a selection of baby bodysuits in several colors with cultural themes.
    22. Large offers an infant bodysuit that comes in various colors with the company insignia.
    23. Last Year Being Broke offers a onesie with the company insignia.
    24. Lili Creations offers a brown colored onesie with a tree emblem in African wax fabric.
    25. Lit Baby Boy offers a black onesie with the company logo.
    26. Little Muffincakes offers onesies depicting their their signature characters, Zhara and Ashton.
    27. Melanin Babies offers onesies with the phrase “black babies rock.”
    28. Mess In A Bottle offers a variety of onesies with culturally relevant phrases.
    29. Mixed Up Clothing offers a selection of onesies and rompers with different designs.
    30. My Coco Bean offers a selection of onesies with culturally relevant inscriptions.
    31. My Lovely Tutu offers a onesie that incorporates a boy’s tie.
    32. Natural Curls Club offers a variety of onesies with the silhouette of an African American women with natural hair. Underneath is the phrase “I rock what I got.”
    33. On Us Tees offers a selection of onesies with culturally relevant and inspirational inscriptions.
    34. Philadelphia Printworks offers a selection of onesies that pay homage to African American historical figures (e.g., Harriet Tubman and George Washington Carver).
    35. PSF (Pint Size Faith) offers a “God can do anything” onesie.
    36. QuéllyRue offers a “lover of textiles” onesie with a unique heart emblem.
    37. Reign Entertainment offers a variety of African themed long sleeve infant bodysuits.
    38. Savvy Kids Clothing offers a grey or white “baby rattler” onesie made with soft cotton.
    39. Splendid Rain Co. offers black or white onesies with political and cultural inscriptions.
    40. Spotlight Girls offers a selection of onesies with “girls persist”and other empowerment themes.
    41. Tees In The Trap offers a selection of black or white onesies with edgy inscriptions (e.g., mini girl boss).
    42. The African Accent offers a  white “map of Africa” onesie with a emblem of the African continent.
    43. The Marathon Clothing offers a selection of grey, black, white, and pink onesies with the company logo or “Crenshaw” on the front.
    44. The Trini Gee (Etsy) offers a selection of onesies based on black historical and cultural figures.
    45. Yinibini Baby offers a selection of onesies made of organic cotton.

In reviewing these companies I hope you find onesies that work for you!

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Feel free to message Shop With Leslie with any questions through our contact form.

Happy Shopping!

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