Dashiki Day and Beyond with Black Owned Brands

Drew Roberts

October 30 has been designated as “National Dashiki Day” where individuals not only wear dashikis but post their pictures on social media.  Find 100+ dashikis from black owned brands below. 

Dashikis and other African styled clothing are also frequently worn during Black history month, and during the holidays for Kwanzaa celebrations.  African prints in general have become increasingly integrated into all types of clothing for everyday wear.  In this overview then, we go beyond the traditional tunic style dashiki to highlight outerwear, tee-shirts, dresses, and more.  A common thread across dashiki styled clothing is use of the Angelina fabric pattern as pictured.  This distinctive “cigar” shaped pattern is often found as an embellished “V” cascading from the neckline.  The fuller form of the cigar shape is represented in other styles such as maxi dresses.  See the following company and product links for more information.

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    • Afrikrea is an ecommerce site with vendors worldwide that create goods inspired by Africa. There are numerous dashikis as well as other items (e.g., hats, shoes, jackets, and shirts) with the Angelina pattern.

    • Dashiki Pride offers a variety of clothing options with the Angelina pattern for men, women, and children.  These includes tunics, dresses, skirts, jackets, and accessories. 


        In reviewing these company and product links, I hope you find dashiki styled clothing that works for you!

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        For more information about the Angelina print, see the following sources.

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