Dashiki Day and Beyond with Black Owned Brands

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October 30 has been designated as “National Dashiki Day” where individuals not only wear dashikis but post their pictures on social media.  Dashikis and other African styled clothing are also frequently worn during Black history month, and during the holidays for Kwanzaa celebrations.  African prints in general have become increasingly integrated into all types of clothing for everyday wear.  In this overview then, we go beyond the traditional tunic style dashiki to highlight outerwear, tee-shirts, dresses, and more.  A common thread across dashiki styled clothing is use of the Angelina fabric pattern as pictured.  This distinctive “cigar” shaped pattern is often found as an embellished “V” cascading from the neckline.  The fuller form of the cigar shape is represented in other styles such as maxi dresses.  There are plentiful and diverse clothing options incorporating Angelina print from black owned brands.  See the following company and product links for more information.

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Several types of dashiki themed (Angelina print) items are offered for women.  These include dresses, a pants set, and leggings. Clothing for men include long sleeve fittedcasual tribal, and casual cultural dashikis.  There are also Angelina print dashikis for children and youth.

    1. African Bookstore offers a selection of dashiki styled clothing for men and women including sets, tunics, dresses, and skirts.  A wicker handle purse with the Angelina print is also featured.
    2. Afrikrea is an ecommerce site with vendors worldwide that create goods inspired by Africa.  Examples of dashiki themed clothing include but are not limited to the following:  A unisex fully lined jacket , a custom made unisex tailored jacket, a unisex pink dashiki kimono, a black panther movie inspired long sleeved tunic for men, and a denim styled dress.
    3. African Fabric Co. offers a variety of clothing options for men and women with African prints, including a women’s casual suit consisting of a crop top and pants.
    4. Babaafrik offers a variety of tunic styled dashikis for men and women in various fabrics and forms including kente and Ankara.  Some are gathered at the waist.
    5. Borokiniyabo offers a queen gown maxi dress with a black or red base.
    6. Dashiki Pride offers a variety of clothing options with the Angelina pattern for men and women including a purple flexy that functions both as a dress and skirt.
    7. D’iyanu offers a variety of African styled clothing including dashiki styled tee shirts for men in colors such as forest green, navy, and black.  A fitted, dashiki tee shirt dress is also available.
    8. Endless Fashion offers a traditional print kaftan in several base colors.  Dashikis for women, children, and kids are also available.
    9. Fanm Djanm offers a selection of dashikis in tie dyed fabric sourced from Senegal.
    10. Gideon’s Needle offers a large selection of items with the including the Royal Kumasi Collection.
    11. Izzy & Liv offers a kaftan styled dashiki tunic in several colors.
    12. JahZara Fashion House offers clothing in various African prints including an empire maxi dress that showcases the Angelina pattern.
    13. Kilele Creations offers a variety of clothing and styles with African prints for men and women.  A lined dashiki poncho/ cape is an example.
    14. Lakay Designs offers a selection of dashiki styled aprons in various colors.  Other dashiki options for men and women are available.  Dashiki high top sneakers with the Angelina print pattern (among others) are also available.
    15. LiPSabyMNK offers a reversible Ankara fabric cape for which the Angelina pattern is incorporated.
    16. Mad Kollection offers a dashiki/tunic maxi dress, and a dashiki tunic both of which are gathered at the waist. A white maxi dress with Angelina print on the neckline is also offered.
    17. Mawusi offers a variety of African themed clothing, including a his and her matching tunic dashiki for him and asymmetrical tunic for her.
    18. Nalem Clothing offers several options with the Angelina print, including a round neck short sleeved shirt for men, and many knee length dress options for women.
    19. Ocacia offers a “dashiki 101” for men and women that is embellished with high end west African embroidery.
    20. Öfuurë offers a long-sleeved posi peplum dashiki themed top.
    21. Ray Darten offers an Olori jacket dress, and a bishop collar men’s tunic.
    22. Tess World Designs offers a selection of dashikis for women and men.
    23. The Dream World offers a selection of men’s long sleeved shirts with the Angelina pattern.
    24. Threads by Dreads offers a long (6 x 6 ft.) scarf and various options for short (3 x 3 ft.) scarves, with the Angelina pattern.
    25. Urbane African offers a dashiki print shorts and short sleeve crop top as a set.  A dashiki patterned men’s dress shirt is also available.
    26. Vickzinoo Collections offers an Ayo African print top with flared sleeves.

In reviewing these company and product links, I hope you find dashiki styled clothing that works for you!

Happy Shopping!

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