Wakanda Themed Apparel and Accessories From Black Owned Brands

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 Enoch Appiah Jr.

Wakanda themed events are popular and include birthday, beach, and costume parties.  With Halloween around the corner then, Wakanda themed apparel and accessories might be useful.  There are diverse offerings from black owned brands, which include a few for children/youth.  See the following company and products links for more details.

  1. Afrikrea offers a selection of Wakanda themed statement necklaces and other jewelry, tee-shirts, outerwear, and more.
  2. Blue Labels offers a short sleeved red cape dress.
  3. Coloring Pins offers a “warriors are born in Wakanda” tee-shirt with an African continent logo.
  4. Confidence Apparel offers a selection of limited edition black panther themed tee- and hooded sweat-shirts.
  5. ISM Chick offers a set of black panther stud earrings.  
  6. Izzy & Liv offer a “if lost please return to Wakanda” tee-shirt.
  7. Joon Africa offers a multiple strand and gold tone cholis choker and wide golden bracelet.
  8. Kashmir.VIII offers “greetings from Wakanda” tee-shirts for both children/youth and adults.
  9. KD Made It offers a black panther movie mask necklace in 14K gold plated and silver metal, with cz stones.
  10. Kilele Creations offers two Wakanda styled denim coats, both with Ankara fabric; one is shorter, the other longer.
  11. Lola’s African Apparel offers a selection of asymmetrical blouses with a matching head wrap.
  12. Mawusi offers a “Queen of the Wakanda” maxi dress with a matching head wrap.
  13. Mehary Jewel offers a black panther pendant.
  14. On Us Tees offers a Love Wakanda tee-shirt for children.
  15. Power in Black offers a selection of Wakanda/Black Panther themed tee-shirts.  Some styles are available as sweatshirts.  A black panther tee-shirt for children/youth is also available.
  16. Radical Dreams offers several Wakanda themed pins and patches.
  17. SisterhoodZA offers a Ndebele cuffs and Masai necklace set (gold-tone) consisting of a necklace and two cuff/bangle style bracelets.  Pieces are also sold separately.
  18. Tees in the Trap offers a “black panther box” consisting of a tee-shirt (loyal to the throne), red tote with African continent logo, Kill Monger mug, black panther decal, and Wakanda greeting stickers.
  19. Three Little Bird Tees offers a “power to the people” black panther tee-shirt.
  20. Vintí Couture offers Wakanda/black panther button style earrings.
  21. YBE offers two styles of earrings, Wakanda forever (a large round dangle), and   African continent with Wakanda (a large dangle).  A King T’Challa black panther tee-shirt, and a King T’Challa necklace are also available.
  22. Zuvaa offers Wakanda themed dresses.  These include a “something different from Wakanda black hooded midi” and a “Wakanda fav things hooded maxi.”

In reviewing these company and product links, I hope you find Wakanda themed apparel and accessories that work for you!  Also, Shop with Leslie offers extra content on Patreon to enhance your shopping experience.  Depending on the nature of the post, you will find additional information about the companies, products, product use, pricing, fabrics, and more. Check us out at this link on Patreon.  Subscriptions help support our efforts, and involve a nominal cost.

Happy Shopping!

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  1. Thank you. Because WalMart nor Target – where We spend money- don’t give a damn. I found NOTHING for my Nephew nor Godchild, so thank you!

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