Cardigans, Shawls, and Ponchos from Black Owned Brands

cardigan merge

Photo credits:  Rui Silvestre and Tyler Nix

Though cardigans, shawls, and ponchos can be worn throughout the year, they are especially useful as the weather turns cooler.  What’s more they add style to an outfit through texture and color; and all have been trending for some time.  There are several options from black owned brands for men and women to fit one’s body type, taste, budget, size, and occasion.  See the company and products links below for more information.



In reviewing these company and product links, I hope you find cardigans, shawls and ponchos that work for you!  Also, Shop with Leslie offers extra content on Patreon to enhance your shopping experience.  Depending on the nature of the post, you will find additional information about the companies, products, product use, pricing, fabrics, and more. Check us out at this link on Patreon.  Subscriptions help support our efforts, and involve a nominal cost.

Happy Shopping!

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