Get Your Belt On With Black Owned Brands


Photo Credit:  Fulvio Tognon on Pixabay

Belts are a wardrobe staple and serve many purposes.  Belts when needed hold up the trousers, can be used to accent the waist, and add color and texture to an outfit. Belts have been trending for the past two years, and these trends include something for everyone (e.g., wide, thin, leather, embellished, patterned, and more).  There are belts from black owned brands (for men and women) that reflect these trends.  See the following companies and product links for more information.



Belts make great gifts, and in reviewing these companies and product links I hope you find styles that work for you.  Also, Shop with Leslie offers extra content on Patreon to enhance your shopping experience.  Depending on the nature of the post, you will find additional information about the companies, products, product use, pricing, fabrics, and more. Check us out at this link on Patreon.  Subscriptions help support our efforts, and involve a nominal cost.

Happy Shopping! 

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