300+ Gifts for $10.00 or Less From Black Owned Brands

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In this post, you will find links to 300+ curated gifts for $10.00 or less, and from 135+ black owned businesses.  You will find links to pages or specific items.  Prices do NOT include sales tax or shipping costs.  Though many companies offer free shipping for purchases above a certain amount.

We chose the product links in this post strategically such that you can access many options for products. Categories include accessories, beauty tools, children and youth, clothes, footwear, hair accessories (including head wraps, hats, and utensils), home goods, jewelry, nails, and paper goods.  These items make for great stocking stuffers and tokens of appreciation for co-workers, neighbors, employees, and the like.   I have found it useful to buy in bulk to give multiple family members the same variation of a gift (i.e., nail polishes and bracelets).  Click on the product links below for more information.

Some of our affiliates have items within this price range and these companies are designated as advertisements.  In these cases Shop With Leslie will receive a commission should you use the advertisement in making a purchase.  As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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  1. Boutique Mix (advertisement) A selection of key fob wristlets in African prints.
  2. Chic Geeks (advertisement)- A webcam cover with the company logo.
  3. Effie’s Paper (advertisement) A black girl magic phone grip and gold temporary tattoo.  A Black American Princess (BAP) lapel pin.  
  4. MMexclusives (advertisement) A leather wallet case for iPhoneX.
  5. Party Patch Club (advertisement) A variety of culturally centered patches  and planner stickers.  A selection of patches for men.
  6. B. Shady Sunglasses – A silicone case in several colors for Apple air pods.
  7. Coloring Pins – A selection of culturally themed charms.
  8. Crayon Case offers a mini backpack keychain.
  9. Define Me Greek – An “I like things finer bag” that can serve as a makeup bag, or container for a smaller tablet (9” x 7”).
  10. Golde offers a cotton “superfoods” travel pouch.
  11. I Love Being Black – Accessories include the I Love Being Black silicon wrist bands and other accessories (e.g., lapel pins, ear savers).
  12. Innovative Supplies –  A selection of stickers & pins
  13. Izzy & Liv – A selection of clearance items at $4.99 and $9.99
  14. Jay Austin Bowties – A selection of vintage cuff-links.
  15. M. Falconer offers a selection of “culture” stickers.
  16. Papyrus Charms offers a selection of culturally themed pins and patches.
  17. Patches offers a variety of thematic patches (e.g., affirmations, business, and education). 
  18. Philadelphia Printworks – A selection of cultural and political large patches (12 x 12 inches) for the back of jackets.
  19. Prideful Patchez (advertisement) offers a selection of iron on patches with cultural themes.
  20. Radical Dreams – A selection of lapel pins featuring popular cultural icons such as Colin Kaepernick and Maxine Waters.
  21. Red Bay Coffee offers a selection of culturally thematic enamel pins. 
  22. Sivel & Sharp – A set of 36 stainless steel collar stays.  A gold tone money clip, and a business card case (with several color options) are also available. 
  23. Tees in the Trap – A selection of political, cultural, and humorous patches.
  24. WizardArt85 offers a selection of culturally representative stickers, and key chain charms.
  25. Zebra Lane – A selection of Alpha Kappa Alpha patches.


  1. Debonair Beard Co. (advertisement) offers a beard comb with a leather pouch.
  2. Lizzie’s All Natural (advertisement) offers a natural dead sea sponge and a luffah sponge.
  3. African American Expressions – A selection of culturally themed compact mirrors.
  4. Afrikrea – A selection of washable wipes for makeup removal.
  5. Coloured RaineBeauty tools that include makeup sponges, tweezers, scissors and a lash curler.
  6. Izzie & Liv –  A selection of compact mirrors.
  7. Jacque Mgido A quick dry makeup brush cleaner.
  8. LaMonique Cosmetics – A unique shaped and reusable beauty blender.
  9. Mented Cosmetics – A double sided compact mirror and mini brush trio.
  10. Omolewa A selection of small makeup brushes for concealers and eye shadows  and medium sized makeup brushes for foundations and blushes.
  11. Plain Jane Beauty – An angled eyeliner brush, and a crease brush.
  12. Polish & Lather – A Konjac (natural fiber) facial sponge.
  13. Posh Cosmetics – A reusable sponge brush cleaner.
  14. The Crayon Case – A “crayon pouch” makeup bag among other accessories and tools.
  15. The Cut Buddy offers a selection of speed tracer barber pencils.
  16. Velvet Noir – A peach wood beard comb.
  17. Zhané Beauty offers a she’bella shovel for scooping body butters and scrubs. 


  1. Anzhelika Crochet (advertisement) – A selection of children’s flowered hair clips.
  2. Akweley Design – A beaded stretch bracelet in various colors.
  3. Lynda Mubarak (advertisement) A selection of paperback children’s books such as “Carver Park,” and “Maxine’s New Job.”
  4. Crystal Swain Bates (advertisement) has a selection of children’s books.
  5. Mahogany Books (advertisement) offers an extensive selection of books for children and youth.
  6. African World Press Books – A selection of children’s books.
  7. Amalgam – A selection of science-fiction books.
  8. Anzhelika Crochet – A selection of print bow ties for children.
  9. Double Dutch Dolls – A Sophia doll brush  and selection of small button earrings are available.
  10. Dream I Am – “I am a pretty little black girl!” e coloring book.
  11. Fro Babies offers a set of emotion cards.
  12. Gabby’s Bows – A selection of patented double faced and double snap barrettes. Multiple styles and colors are available.
  13. Just Us Books – A selection of children’s books.
  14. Marcus Kwame (advertisement) – Comic books.
  15. Mixed Chicks – A selection of “mixed chicks rock dolls.”
  16. Puzzlebilities – A postcard puzzle.
  17. Toys Like Me – A selection of emoji pillows.
  18. U-Lace – A selection of no tie shoe laces for kids
  19. Yinibini Baby offers a selection of knee high socks.


  1. Stacked Wrist Wear – A large selection of leggings for girls and women.


  1. Built Brick – A selection of low cut socks and flame socks.
  2. Chris Chanel offers a selection of chinese slippers in multiple styles and colors. A selection of slouch socks
  3. Betty’ Promo Plus offers black fraternity and sorority ankle socks.
  4. Harrison Blake Apparel – A selection of socks for men.  
  5. Izzy & Liv offers tribal Goddess socks in two colors.
  6. Lyfestyle – A selection of socks in different colors.
  7. Wrldinvsn – a pair of black socks with the company logo.


  1. Debonair Beard Co. (advertisement) – A peachwood beard pick.
  2. Isha’s Flower Garden (advertisement) A vast selection hair flowers and clips.
  3. Organic Oils By Yolanda (advertisement) offers a selection of satin durags and braid/dread satin bonnets. There are multiple colors and patterns.
  4. Trendi Fashions Boutique (advertisement) offers a “boss” knit hat and a selection of beanies with cat ears in several colors.
  5. Chris Chanel – A selection of velvet shawty headbands.
  6. Dumbsmart offers a selection of silky and velvet durags in multiple colors.
  7. Naturalsis72 offers a selection of satin scrunchies.
  8. Payrus & Charms offers a selection of gold tone and culturally themed loc charms.
  9. Precious Tresses – An extra large scrunchie for keeping protective styles in place.
  10. Pretty AnntoiNets – A selection of silk scrunchies.
  11. Virtuous Creations – A selection of satin scrunchies.


  1. Art by Aleighsha (advertisement) – A selection of artistic and culturally themed magnets.
  2. Bundts and Crumpets – A selection of tea infusers among other accessories for brewing loose leaf tea.
  3. Cultural Interiors – A diverse selection of garden decor and tiny bolga baskets Fabric magnets and stoneware creamers are also available.
  4. Healing through Inspiration – A colored acrylic paint set.
  5. Just add honey – A stainless steel teaspoon infuser.
  6. LBX Fitness offers fit and over coffee mugs.
  7. Posh Candle Company – A stainless steel wick trimmer for candle lovers.
  8. Ron Finely Project – A Goddess of creation magnet and a plant some shit magnet.
  9. Shades of Color offers a selection of salt and pepper shakers.
  10. Simply Scent Candles – A selection of 8 ounce jelly jar candles among others.


  1. Antoinette’s Originals (advertisement) has a clearance section of diverse jewelry items.
  2. Influenced by Cultures (advertisement) A selection of hand made custom waist beads.
  3. Ethnic Earrings A large selection of culturally themed earrings.
  4. The Blak Artz (advertisement) offers a selection of cultural/political themed earrings.
  5. The Motherland Plug (advertisement) – A selection of Maasai beaded bracelets. Tuareg embroidered bracelets are also available.
  6. Wood You Wear (advertisement) A diverse selection of culturally themed pins and stickers.
  7. Africaboutik – The “mali” bangle style bracelet is colorful and handmade from recycled plastic.
  8. African Fabric Co. offers a variety of jewelry.  These include a large selection of African continent themed jewelry (e.g., pendants and bracelets) and African bead wedding sets in multiple colors.
  9. Blue Labels Boutique offers a twisted herringbone goldtone 18 inch necklace and a fringe gem earring set.
  10. Cultured Beauty – A selection of chokers and drop earrings.
  11. Gideon’s Needle offers rhinestone diamond star and beaded black ice earrings.
  12. Gifted hands 4 UBYME – A selection of dangle/large hoop (crocheted) and hand painted wooden earrings.
  13. N’ Genious CreationsAn Ankh bracelet set, and RBG bracelet.
  14. Papyrus & Charms A selection of pins and patches.
  15. Tufafii offers a diverse selection of culturally thematic and fashion earrings.
  16. YBE – A selection of culturally themed earrings.


  1. Joyo nails – A selection of nail polishes in many colors.
  2. Nail Social Nail Brand – A selection of nail polishes in many colors.
  3. Posh 21 Cosmetics – A selection of nail polishes in many colors.

PAPER GOODS (and pencils)

  1. Boutique Mix – (advertisement) A set of four pencils with various inspirational words (e.g., love, peace). A symbol of the African continent is mixed in with the spellings (e.g., the o in love).
  2. Effie’s Paper (advertisement) – A selection of pens, living my best life post it notes, and being a badass is exhausting post it notes.  
  3. The Trini Gee (advertisement) offers a selection of laptop decals.
  4. It’s A Black Thang (advertisement) A large selection of themed bookmarks (e.g., cultural, and political). A selection of themed magnets are available.
  5. African American Expressions – A selection of culturally themed bookmark sets (3 in a set).
  6. Betty’ Promo Plus offers black fraternity and sorority office supplies.
  7. Izzie & Liv – A divers selection of culturally themed two piece folder sets.
  8. Oh So Paper – A selection of stickers.
  9. Shades of Color offers a choice of shopping organizers and a selection of bookmark sets (3 in a set). A selection of memo mouse pads and note cubes with 200 tear off sheets.
  10. The Dyna Smiles – A selection of digital dolls for which you can download.


  1. YBE – Select African fabrics sold by the yard.
  2. Ethnic Earrings – A car air vent multi-functional storage bag in various colors.
  3. Tess World Designs – Select Kente African fabrics sold by the yard.

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