200+ Gifts from $10.01 to $15.00 From Black Owned Brands

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In this post, 200+ gifts costing $10.01 to $15.00 from 100+ black owned companies are presented through links to specific items and pages.  Prices do NOT include sales tax or shipping costs.  Though many companies offer free shipping for purchases above a certain amount.

We chose the product links in this post strategically such that you can access many options for products.  Categories include accessories, beauty tools, children and youth, eye-wear, hair accessories (including head wraps, hats and utensils), home goods, jewelry, nails, and paper products.  These items make for great stocking stuffers and tokens of appreciation for co-workers, neighbors, employees, and the like.  Consider buying in bulk to give multiple family members, co-workers, and associates similar items.  Click on the product links below for more information.  

Some of our affiliates have items within this price range and these companies are designated as advertisements.  In these cases Shop With Leslie will receive a commission should you use the advertisement in making a purchase.  As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Happy Shopping!


  1. 2 Chic Designs (advertisement) – A selection of African print key fobs.
  2. Party Patch Club (advertisement)- A selection of culturally themed enamel pins
  3. African Bookstore – A men’s Kufi hat.
  4. Built Brick – A selection of passport covers.
  5. DAMC Designs – A selection of artistic zippered pouches
  6. Define Me Greek – A selection of  Delta Sigma Theta lapel pins.  A selection of “finer” lapel pins.
  7. Designed by Don offers a selection of silk handmade cuff-links
  8. Harrison Blake Apparel – A selection of collar bars.
  9. Izzy & Liv – A selection of phone ring kickstands.  A selection of bamboo hand fans are also available. 
  10. Mae B – A black and educated enamel pin.
  11. Nubian Skin – A selection of tights and stockings.
  12. Rexcessories – A selection of cufflinks.
  13. Riada Adair – A selection of lapel pins, a flower lapel pin, and a pineapple lapel pin.
  14. Sivel & Stay – A set of limited edition and engraved collar stays.  A vegan leather valet tray is also offered in many colors.


  1. The Lip Bar (advertisement) offers a dual sided makeup brush with an angled side for blush and contours, and a fluffy side for the face and highlights.
  2. Hydratherma Naturals – A flat iron chase comb.
  3. Izzy & Liv – A selection of  manicure sets.
  4. Shades of Color – A selection of culturally themed cosmetic pouches and compact mirrors.
  5. The Cut Buddy – A cut buddy shaver for the hairline, beard, goatee, mustache, neck and sideburns.


  1. Darlyng & Co. – A selection of shorts and tee-shirts
  2. HBCU Pride – A diverse selection of HBCU teddy bears.
  3. Izuki Dolls – Educational Africa fact cards for kids. Mermaid dolls in various skin tones.
  4. Kidz Mic –  “The book of you” to aid children in self-discovery and -esteem.
  5. Lilly Frilly – A selection of lunchboxes.
  6. Mo’s Bows – A selection of patterned bow-ties for youth.
  7. Muffin Sisters offers a selection of Ankara print bibs.
  8. My Coco Bean – A selection of tees for infants.
  9. Nude Barre – A selection of children’s opaque tights.
  10. Puzzlebilities – A “natural girl” 48 piece puzzle.
  11. Reflect Couture – A selection of culturally thematic rompers (onesies) for boys and girls. 
  12. Superbeauty – A girl’s pink tee shirt.
  13. Sugarfoot – A book “Sugarfootn in Ghana: Why people have to go to work.”
  14. Sweet Blackberry – A selection of educational DVDs for children on individuals’ stories of African American achievement.
  15. Toys Like Me – A collection of emoji pillows (4 pack).
  16. Uzuri Kid Kidz – An African American ballerina penny and pepper tote bag.


  1. Dresscode Boutique offers tank tops in black white and beige. White and grey leggings are also available.
  2. Sorella offers a diverse selection of tops.


  1. B. Shady Sunglasses – A selection of sunglasses.
  2. I Love Being Black offers pinhole sunglasses with the company phrase.
  3. Sorella offers select sunglasses


  1. Black Girl Powerhouse  – A selection of “Queen” socks in several colors.
  2. Frills by AD – A selection of frill socks.
  3. HGC Apparel – A selection of socks
  4. Jay Austin Bowties – A selection of cotton socks in vibrant colors.
  5. Rexcessories – A selection of socks.
  6. Tronus – A selection of two pairs of socks per package with the slogan “if you want” and “go get it” on each. 

HAIR ACCESSORIES including head wraps, hats, & utensils 

  1. Asikara by Laura Jane (advertisement) – A selection of mini headwraps in African prints.
  2. Isha’s Flower Garden (advertisement) – offers a large selection of hair pins and flowers.
  3. The Motherland Plug (advertisement) – A selection of African print bandanas.
  4. B. Shady Sunglasses – A selection of bucket hats and baseball caps.
  5. Just Kweenin – A selection of loc jewelry.
  6. Mandinka Style – A selection of satin lined African print bonnets.
  7. Natural Curls Club – An anti-static edges brush and fine tooth rat tail comb.
  8. Natural Hair Shop – A selection of turban headbands. A selection of durags.
  9. Pink Sky offers a selection of headbands.
  10. Swimma – A selection of Afro swim caps for kids.
  11. Virtuous Creations – A selection of headband tubes 12 – 14 inches long.


  1. Afrohemien (advertisement) A selection of tiny African woven baskets.
  2. 228 Grant Street Candle Co. – A selection of travel tin candles.
  3. Afrotouch Design – A selection of Afrocentric mugs.
  4. Ask me Tees offers mugs with various engaging inscriptions.
  5. Bundts and Crumpets – A steep and go brew bottle.
  6. Cultural Interiors – A selection of wooden animal door stoppers and upcycled bottle boxes
  7. Lock It Plates A set of of food containers for storage and travel.
  8. Lonez Scents – A selection of soy wax candles featuring culturally representative phrases and issues.
  9. Posh Candle Co. – A selection of candles in various sizes and scents.
  10. Simply Scents Candles – A  12 ounce hurricane candle.  A selection of bundt cake candles in various scents. 
  11. Savy Kitchen Collections offers a selection of colanders and strainers and egg tools
  12. Shades of Color offers a selection of soup mugs  and latte mugs.
  13. She’s Got Papers – A selection of coffee mugs


  1. Bitterfit (advertisement) offers a selection of decorative and beaded necklaces.
  2. Boutique Mix (advertisement) – A bangle bracelet made of wood, green and yellow thread.
  3. Jukeboxx Jewelry (advertisement) – A selection of handmade beaded bracelets for men.
  4. My Ankara Love (advertisement) offers a selection of jewelry that includes African print bangle bracelets and drop earrings. 
  5. Suzi and Marie (advertisement) – A selection of tie on waistbeads.  A selection of crocheted dangle earrings are also available.
  6. The Motherland Plug (advertisement) – A selection of bracelets.
  7. CAABS Custom – A selection of gold-tone fashion earrings that tout marijuana and sex.
  8. Cee Cee’s Closet offers a selection of waistbeads.
  9. Dresscode Boutique offers a large selection of earrings.
  10. Fanm Djanm – A selection of bangle bracelets.
  11. Fashion Fab – A red acrylic floral brooch and a sunburst silver ring.
  12. Fashion The Mind, Fashion the Figure – A selection of stretch rings.
  13. Nakimuli – A selection of “dookie” bracelets.
  14. QuéllyRue – A selection of African print bangle bracelets that are 1 ½ inches thick with a 7 ¾ circumference.  Daily reminder bracelets are also sold.
  15. Suzi & Maire (advertisement) – A selection of leather leaf earrings.
  16. TruFace by Grace offers a gold plated cuff bracelet
  17. Vickzinoo Collections – A variety of jewelry items such as the azzla charm necklace, tash gold thread round tassel earrings, and earl alloy cuff bracelet.


  1. Pear Nova – A selection of nail polishes in various colors.
  2. Polish & Co. – A selection of nail polishes in various colors.
  3. Superstar Nail Lacquer – A selection of nail polishes in various colors.
  4. People of Color offers nail polishes in several colors.


  1. African American Expressions – A selection of spiral notebook journals
  2. Cards for All People – A selection of card games such as “black card revoked, old school 2” and “black card revoked – petty edition.”
  3. Godly Gorgeous offers a selection of notepads.
  4. Legendary Rootz – A selection of stationery items that include sticker packers, a diverse selection of filler page packs, and mouse pads.
  5. Riada Adair – “Any state” notecards (set of 10) with envelopes are also available. 
  6. She’s Got Papers offers a selection of spiral notebook journals

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