Free and Low Cost Downloadable/Online Goods from Black Owned Brands

Michael Longmire

As you wind down your holiday shopping, consider free and low cost downloadable (and online) options from black owned brands.  See the following companies and product links for  details.

The table below represents SPONSORS of Shop With Leslie and we appreciate their support!  You are encouraged to click their product links and explore!

Sponsor Product Information
Accented Glory
A low cost e-guide for natural hair that offers tips on styling, minimizing damage, and purchasing hair accessories is available.

Afrokids offers a selection of low cost videos on demand on topics such as friendship, growing pains, and the six kingdoms of Africa. 

  1. Adorned by Chi offers a free comic titled “Chi Chi’s Guide to Self Care.”
  2. Effie’s Paper offers a selection of wall paper that covers most of an 8 x 11.5 piece of paper.  You can sign up through the “free” tab to access, and it can be used to wrap small gifts.
  3. Black History Studies offers a selection of online puzzles in which you can modify the level of difficulty by using the “change cut” function.
  4. Sweet Blackberry offers a selection of word games (word search and puzzles) based on African American history and culture.
  5. Riada Adair offers a selection of holiday themed downloadable art that covers most of an an 8 x 11.5 piece of paper.  It can be also be used to wrap small gifts.
  6. United Black Books offers dozens of E-books.  These include informational, historical, and children’s books.
  7. Water Bear Games offers a selection of card and board games for children through adulthood.  These include Kingmaker, Cat Quest, and Nom Nom Pretzel.
  8. Zyrobotics offers two apps that introduce children to the logistics of computer programming.  These include “Tommy the Turtle” and “Code for Gold.”  Each is available on Itunes and Google Play.
  1. Adorned by Chi offers a selection of comics as digital downloads.
  2. Art by Aleighsa offers various artwork through PNG files.
  3. Asikara by Laura Jane offers editable gift tags.
  4. Brown Girls Club offers printable Valentine’s cards (42) depicting black children.  They can also be used as bookmarks.
  5. Creative Curls offers Afro Woman digital art prints.
  6. Healthy Roots offers an E-coloring book.
  7. Natural Hair Shop offers culturally themed digital art for children and youth.
  8. Oh So Paper offers a selection of printable inserts (e.g., daily and weekly planners, shopping tracker), with several options for paper size.
  9. The Dyna Smiles offers a selection of daily doodles for arts and crafts.
  10. The Imagination Agency offers an app “Hey A.J. It’s Bedtime” that contains 38 pages of storytelling, vocabulary building activities, and fun facts.

Finally, as mentioned in the previous post about culturally representative dolls, some companies offer paper dolls and figures.  These include Oh So Paper and Soapbox Theory.

In reviewing these companies and products, I hope you find downloads and online activities that work for you, and learn about all of what these companies offer.

Happy Shopping!

ALSO, Shop With Leslie is now offering a Premium Content section with Buying Guides and Sales Information.  You will find 1000+ gifts for $25.00 and less from black owned companies. That is 300+ gifts for $10.00 and less, 200+ gifts from $10.01 to $15.00, and 500+ gifts from $15.01 to $25.00. We do the legwork so you don’t have to!  There will be updates and posts throughout the year.  Sign up HERE for the low cost of $4.95 per year.

Feel free to message Shop With Leslie with any questions through our contact form.

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