Talc FREE Powder Products From Black Owned Brands

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Here you can explore talc free body powders from black owned brands. Powders made with natural and healthful ingredients are featured. See the company links and product tabs below.

The controversies surrounding talcum powder stem from the link between talc and ovarian cancer when used in the genital area, and between talc and lung cancer if the talc is contaminated with asbestos and inhaled.   Moreover,  it has been reported that despite being aware of the association between talc use and ovarian cancer, Johnson and Johnson escalated their marketing of talcum power to African Americans.  Consequently, there have been numerous law suits against this company for not being transparent. Individuals use body or baby powder for a variety of reasons, some of which seem inextricably linked to African American culture. 

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In reviewing these companies and products I hope you find a talc free powder product that suits your needs!

Happy shopping! 

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