Get Your Mascara On With Black Owned Makeup Brands

Eloise Ambursley

Mascara is a makeup staple, and there are many options from black owned brands.  In selecting a mascara, one needs to think about type, color, and one’s own preferences.   While black mascara is widespread, brown mascara is more subtle.  Types of mascaras include those which add length, volume, or both; and others that are water-proof or -resistant.  Some are indicated as having a curling effect.  In this post we review cosmetic companies for various types and colors.  Furthermore, non mascara eyelash enhancement and conditioning products are included.  See the company and product links below for more details.

  1. B.A.A.B.S. offers an intense mascara that adds volume and curls. Colors include black and brown.  A waterproof mascara is also available in black.
  2. Beauty Bakerie offers an eyelash icing mascara that is waterproof and adds volume.  It comes in ink black.
  3. Joy Lorraine offers a waterproof mascara in black that adds volume and length.
  4. LUV + Co. offers a natural mascara that adds volume and dries quickly.
  5. Pat McGrath Labs offers an all in one “fetish eyes” mascara in black, that adds volume, length, and conditions.
  6. Plain Jane Beauty offers a lash brilliance eyelash conditioner.  A just mascara that adds length and volume is also available in black.
  7. Tyra Beauty offers a 2 in 1 smack my fat lash mascara in blue/black that adds volume and length.
  8. Vera Moore Cosmetics offers a mascara that adds volume and length.  Colors include black, brown, and blue.
  9. Viola Fox offers a waterproof mascara in black that lengthens.  A lash ware mascara is also available that is water resistant and lengthens.  Colors include black, brown, navy, brite blue, and clear.  The intense mascara curls, adds volume, and is available in four colors:  black, brown, hello sailor, and colbalt blue.  The lash extender serves as a primer and conditioner; it also adds volume and length.

In reviewing these companies and products I hope you find a mascara that works for you.

Happy Shopping!

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