Jewelry trends for men and women in 2019 have been described as “maximal.”  That is, big, stacked, and embellished.  These include large and layered chains, coin and charm jewelry,  large hoop, feather, and off the shoulder earrings.  Also trending are headpieces, ear adornments,  wallet necklaces, cuffs for various parts of the arm, open cuff chokers, waist and body jewelry, and sea shells.  Similarly, trends for men include large and decorative chain necklaces, statement pendants, contrasting and stacked bracelets, jewelry for the head and face, and that with an extraterrestrial theme.   These trends reminded me of jewelry I have seen from many black owned jewelry brands.  In this post, the focus is on moderately priced jewelry.  To find these trends, check out the companies and product links below.  You will find hundreds of fabulous products at low to moderate prices. 

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Accented Glory
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In reviewing these companies and products I hope you find jewelry that works for you.

Happy Shopping!  Happy Valentine’s Day!

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