Jewelry trends for men and women in 2019 have been described as “maximal.”  That is, big, stacked, and embellished.  These include large and layered chains, coin and charm jewelry,  large hoop, feather, and off the shoulder earrings.  Also trending are headpieces, ear adornments,  wallet necklaces, cuffs for various parts of the arm, open cuff chokers, waist and body jewelry, and sea shells.  Similarly, trends for men include large and decorative chain necklaces, statement pendants, contrasting and stacked bracelets, jewelry for the head and face, and that with an extraterrestrial theme.   These trends reminded me of jewelry I have seen from many black owned jewelry brands.  In this post, the focus is on moderately priced jewelry.  To find these trends, check out the companies and product links below.

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Accented Glory
A selection of tassel earrings, embellished with cowrie shells are available in vibrant colors.  These and other accessories are sold through Amazon and Etsy.

  1. 3rd Eye Jewels offers handcrafted tassel earrings with silver bling embellishments.
  2. 84 gem offers “YaYa” earrings among others that fit the inverted hoop trend.  Large beaded “Zara” hoop earrings are also available. Several pendants for men are offered that look great layered.
  3. Afrique LaChic offers a brass parrot ear cuff, and several styles of large hoop and wooden earrings.
  4. Afrohemien offers a variety of handcrafted brass cuffs (some unisex) that are adorned with cultural symbols; many are made for stacking.  Crystal waist chains are also available.
  5. Akweley Design offers an assorted of men’s pendant necklaces made of beads, glass, and brass.
  6. Barbara Campbell offers a vintage button charm bracelet on a gold tone chain link.
  7. Billie Hillard offers a bronze cuff bracelet in various styles that can be mixed and stacked with others.
  8. Boybeads offers an assortment of leather and stainless steel bracelets for him, that include gold-tone chain links, and leather and gold-tone combinations.
  9. Bravechick offers an assortment of body jewelry that includes headdresses and ear cuffs.
  10. Candid Art also offers body jewelry for the shoulder along with a pyramid body chain.
  11. Classically Mish offers a “her in yellow” necklace with  tiger’s eye, yellow garnet among other gemstones that has a heart shaped pendant.
  12. Creations by Toni offers handmade jewelry that includes cascading (chandelier) earrings made of resin and gemstone, and a boho beaded bracelet with brass beads and charms.
  13. Earth Senergies had cascading owl trio and rhinestone, and perched owl earrings and other jewelry in sync with the extraterrestrial trend.
  14. Eluke offers a leather choker akin to the “disc Jockey” chokers found on the runway, in black and sand.
  15. Fulaba offers a layered cuff copper bracelet dipped in 22K gold.  A great stand alone piece.
  16. Getaway Girl offers a  handmade Turritella fossil pendant and earrings, both set in sterling and reminiscent of the sea shell trend.
  17. Handcrafted Jewelry by Teri C. offers embellished and up-cycled leather cuff bracelets featuring the tree of life, and a pendant of a lady’s face.
  18. Indigo Pony Designs offers original hoop and pendulum (hoop) earrings, both made of brass and sterling.
  19. Jam + Rico offers Maria earrings that are fashioned after concentric circles, and adorned with semiprecious stones.
  20. Jewelz of Jordan offers a selection of gemstone and copper jewelry that can be layered such as the native necklace (made of gold stone and turquoise) and the felicity necklace (made of copper and orange pearl).
  21. JonDavi has a selection of men’s black onyx bracelets that can be stacked, and ordered in various colors and other gemstones.
  22. Just Kweenin offers a variety of necklaces that can be layered; these include pendants and gold plated chains of different lengths.
  23. JXL offers large hoop “Black Out” earrings (4 inches) highlighting cultural pride.
  24. KDQ Designs offers unique, hand crafted clay pendants that are great for layering.
  25. Kevia offers a selection of cuff bracelets thin and wide, and embedded with gemstones.
  26. Lace By Tanaya offers large lightweight crystal hoop earrings.  The mini and sol earrings are 2 and 4 inches wide respectively, and plated in 24K gold and silver.
  27. Lingua Nigra offers a selection of coin (cambio) jewelry that includes gold and silver toned earrings, and a chain linked necklace with coin in gold or silver.
  28. Lorraine West offers a selection of hoop earrings, including crescent hoops, in gold tone, brass, and silver finishes.  Sizes range from 2 to 4 inches.
  29. Maddi Jaxx offers warrior bracelets in lava stone and white howlite, which are great for contrasting and stacking.
  30. Made by Malyia offers a boundless choker that is consistent with the open cuff necklace trend, and a gold tone divergent ear cuff.
  31. Mahnal offers paddle bangles (a set of 3) in sold brass that can be stacked.
  32. Magnapel offers a selection of bracelets for him, that are copper or stainless steel and contain magnets which are believed to have therapeutic properties.  These are great for stacking and contrasting.
  33. Marci Roxx offers a selection of large feathered earrings in many colors and textures, which drape to and past the shoulder.
  34. Melanie Marie offers body jewelry that includes a pair of foot jewels, and a thigh chain.
  35. Mianik offers a Goddess spiked choker statement necklace in gold and silver tone.  A Horus Egyptian Eagle gold tone necklace for men is also available.
  36. Mombasa offers extra long cuff bracelets which include the Fifi and Zuri  styles (gold plated over copper), and a leather Druzy cuff  with a choice of gem stone.
  37. Napp2Reality offers a selection of large dangle and circle earrings with natural hair and cultural themes.
  38. Nirvana Wild offers a selection of gold tone chain necklaces made of stainless steel.
  39. Omi Woods offers a a selection of coin medallion jewelry in sterling silver and gold vermeil among other metals, including masculine jewelry.  
  40. Papyrus & Charms offers half moon fringe earrings.  In addition there are handmade beaded bracelets and necklaces for men.
  41. Peace Images offers body jewelry for the waist, ankles, hands, and feet.
  42. Pichulik offers shoulder dusting long tassel earrings (over 5 inches) in several colors.
  43. Pretty Bull offers a selection of brass earrings that drape off the shoulder such as the Nina earrings and epiphany hoops.  A round my way anklet is also available.
  44. Rework Creative offers a medicine pouch/necklace in leather.
  45. Sankofa Arts offers an Afro steampunk tribal mask necklace, and an Afro steampunk bracelet, that are great for him.   A leather forearm cuff bracelet is also available.
  46. Sankofafree offers an assortment of large, 3 to 3 ½ inch signature African earrings that are embellished and beaded.
  47. Shannon Saint Clair offers a studded lambskin cuff for men.  A selection of statement earrings are also available such as the ostrich leather embossed “cuero cha cha cha” and “cuero long bomba” styles.
  48. The Blacker the Berry offers a selection of men’s pendant and medallion necklaces that are great either as stand alone or layered pieces.
  49. The Pink Locket offers a selection of open cuff brass chokers; that is Imani and April chokers.
  50. Ulove Jewelry offers a selection of coin jewelry that includes bracelets (link and cuff), earrings, and rings. A selection of ear pin earrings are also available.
  51. Wild Moon Jewelry offers pura earrings (teardrop and circle) made of brass and cow horn that are a little over 4 inches long.
  52. Y Collections offers a selection of coin and thick gold tone chain necklaces.

In reviewing these companies and products I hope you find jewelry that works for you.

Happy Shopping!  Happy Valentine’s Day!

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