Great Sales in Swimwear from Black Owned Brands

Quality swimwear can be pricey for a variety of reasons. According to an article in Slate 2013, the design and construction of swimwear is complicated as it must conceal and flatter. Furthermore, the stretchy fabrics from which swimwear is constructed (e.g., nylon, spandex) are more difficult to assemble. Also, the fabric must be sufficiently durable to hold up to elements such as chlorine and salt.

Swimwear is in peak demand during summer months. Winter months therefore are a good time to find great sales. Our emphasis is on merchandise with at least a 50% discount, and we have found great deals across a variety of brands.  Sign up for Premium Access today for this post and more!

See the following companies and product links for additional details. 

  • Ashanti Swimwear offers matching separates that include the following.
    • Akos top (small only) and bottom (extra large through 4XL).
    • Adwoa top (large only) and bottom (extra small, 2XL, and 4XL).
    • Akua top (extra large) and bottom (extra small and 2XL)
    • Ama top (small and XL to- 4XL) and bottom (small, large to 2XL, and 4XL)

  • Bfyne offers a large selection of one and two piece swim suits on sale, for which many are 50% off and more.

  • Ofuure (advertisement) offers a large selection of one and two piece swimsuits on sale, many of which are 50% off.

Important Tips

In purchasing swimsuits online it is important to review the return/exchange policies.  In many cases, items on sale are final with no return or exchange options.  In some cases, only exchanges are allowed.  You should also carefully review the size charts in making your selection and take appropriate measurements before purchasing.  It may be useful to contact the company for additional sizing tidbits.  I found it useful to track down reviews on social media including Instagram but especially YouTube.  On YouTube, you can find vloggers giving reviews and/or fashion shows to get more information about fit, comfort, and durability. 

In reviewing these items, I hope you find great swimsuits that work for you.

Happy Shopping!


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