Sterling Silver Jewelry from Black Owned Brands

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In our view, sterling silver jewelry is always fashionable.  It is also long-lasting and less expensive than gold.  In shopping for sterling silver, it is important to recognize authentic labels.  Sterling silver is 92.5% silver and often denoted as 925.  Jewelry labeled as “sterling” is another indicator.  Silver plated jewelry on the other hand has a thin layer of silver on top of some other metal such as brass.  Whether you are seeking earrings, chain or cuff jewelry, rings, a necklace or more, there are plenty of sterling silver options (100 + items) from black owned brands.  See the following companies and product links for more details.

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  • Omi Woods (advertisement) offers a diverse set of earrings including studs and hoops.

  • Lingua Nigra offers a selection of earrings that includes the following. 


  • Omi Woods (advertisement) offers a diverse and large selection of medallion necklaces.  These include pendant necklace stacks.  Sterling options are available on most styles.

  • The Silverman (advertisement) offers a variety of necklaces, many of which are available in sets.


  • Saajie (advertisement) offers a selection of rings that includes the following. 

  • Omi Woods offers a diverse and large selection of rings. Sterling options are available on many styles.

In reviewing these companies and products, I hope you find sterling silver jewelry works for you!

Happy Shopping!

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  1. I have a sensitivity to some sterling silver but I’m happy to see so many options. I’m going to start exploring!

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