Find Concealers and Correctors For Your Skin From Black Owned Brands

In this post you will find 100+ shades of concealers and correctors from black owned brands that represent the full range of melanin hues, including paraben free, vegan, and cruelty free options. 

Concealers are used to minimize the appearance of dark circles under the eyes and mask skin blemishes.  In choosing a concealer you should consider your skin type.  Concealers with a matte or powder finish tend to contain less oil and pair well with oily skin.  Creme and stick concealers on the other hand contain more oil and complement normal to dry skin.  Furthermore, your concealer should be about one shade lighter than your complexion, and consistent with your undertones.  Correctors are used to camouflage more pronounced discolorations and blemishes, and come in colors that balance them out such as variations of orange, lavender, yellow, and green.  More information about choosing concealers and correctors is provided in the references.  See the following companies and product links below.

Some of the following are affiliate links.  As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.  For these advertisements, at no cost to you, Shop With Leslie will receive a commission should you use the links in making a purchase.

  • Laws Of Nature (advertisement) offers a selection of liquid concealers. Products are paraben, vegan, and cruelty free.  Use the discount code LESLIE on your first order to save 10%. 

  • The Lip Bar (advertisement) offers a selection of concealers in 6 shades that are infused with caffeine to combat puffiness and wake up the eyes.  Concealers are sheer to blend in and not cake. 

  • AJ Crimson offers a selection of six shade palettes.  That is creme “correct/conceal kits” with a beeswax base; they are also paraben and cruelty free.

  • Joy Lorraine offers a diverse selection of concealers and correctors.  These include a six color concealer and corrector palette that is paraben free (and not tested on animals), a selection of paraben free (and non animal tested) single corrector concealers (in three shades), and a selection of liquid concealers (not tested on animals) that come in four shades.

  • UOMA offers a stay woke concealer in seventeen shades.  It is lightweight with a satin radiance.  Concealers are also available at Ulta (advertisement). 

In reviewing these companies and products, I hope you find concealers and correctors that work for you!

Happy Shopping!

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    1. I’ve been looking into getting a new concealer. Right now I use Smashbox and I’ve been thinking about getting Fenty Beauty but I will look into these as well! Thanks for the info!

  1. It’s awesome when you can find things made for you. I’ve been trying to shop black more. I don’t know how to do makeup, but I love this post nonetheless.

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