Eye Brow Enhancement Through Black Owned Makeup Brands

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Fabulous eyebrows are desired by many, and there are 25+ brow products from black owned brands to make this happen.  These include brow pencils, gels, powders, and waxes.  See the company and product links below for additional details.

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BROW PENCILS are used to draw the shape of brows and imitate the appearance of hairs.  LINERS are also included.

  • The Lip Bar (advertisement) offers a 2 in 1 brow gel + pencil. The angled brush mimics natural brow hairs and the gel keeps brows in place. Colors are in the beige to brown family.

  • BAABS Beauty offers a selection of duo brow pencils in several colors (blonde, medium brown, auburn, and dark brown). The pencil is infused with wax and has  a spoolie on the other end.

  • Iman Cosmetics offers an eyebrow pencil in the “blackest brown” that is richly pigmented.  An eyebrow brush is on the other end.  It is also available on Amazon (Advertisement).

GELS help keep eyebrows in place.

  • BAABS Beauty offers a water resistant brow gel cream in 3 colors: light brown, medium brown, and chocolate.  A brow tint gel with a spoolie, and in 5 colors (clear, golden blonde, neutral, brunette, and dark down) is also available.

  • Jacque Mgido offers an eyebrow pomade in light, medium, and dark brown, and in grey.  An eyebrow fixer is also offered to keep brows in place.


POWDERS help fill in brows to give a thicker yet soft appearance.

  • BAABS Beauty offers a selection of duo brow powders in several color combinations (auburn/brown, light/dark brown, and rave/brown) that can be ordered with or without an angled brush.

  • Joy Lorraine offers a selection of brush on brow powders in 3 colors: auburn, black brown, and dark brown.  Powders are richly pigmented and come with an angled brush.

WAXES manage fly away eyebrows to help keep them in place.

In reviewing these eye brow products, I hope you find enhancements that work for you.

Happy Shopping!

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Finally, because concealers are also used to highlight the brow, check out our post about concealers in the sources below.

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