Glow With Body Shimmers From Black Owned Brands

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 Jessica Felicio

Body shimmers are used for illuminating the skin and have become quite popular.  Fortunately, there are many body shimmers from black owned brands that come in powder and liquid form, and that work with a range of skin tones.  See the companies and product links below for additional information.

  1. Ayele & Co. offers a body glow soufflé with flecks of gold shimmer.
  2. Bijoux’s Basket offers a body gloss that includes a mixture of oils and organic pigment.
  3. Cak’n Cosmetics offers body shimmers in 3 shades: peach nectar, sun glow, and amethyst mist.
  4. Danessa Myricks offers a variety of “glow” products that include enlight illuminators in 14 shades, enlight halo powders in 5 shades, illuminating veil highlighters in 8 shades, and dew wet balms in 3 shades.
  5. Donna Marie Hair and Beauty offers a gold rush body shimmer oil with natural sun protection.
  6. GlamBomb offers a selection of shimmering body oils in 4 color options.
  7. Joy Lorraine offers a brush on shimmer powder for the face and body.
  8. Klarity Kosmetics offers a selection of body highlighters in 3 options, double up, sun’s out, and sin city.
  9. Lumibalm Co. offers glowing body butters made with natural ingredients, and in several shades.
  10. Ka’oir Cosmetics offers a shimmering loose powder in 3 shades: sun kissed bronze, honey gold, and light shimmery gold.
  11. Kaylux offers “spring” and “summer” body highlighter oils that are a mixture of 5 natural body oils.
  12. Krazy Essentials offers a dry body oil for which you select a scent, and choose among 3 shimmers: gold, rose gold, and holographic silver.
  13. Mata Labs offers skin glow highlighters in two shades, mazemi and moxi.
  14. OMGLO Cosmetics offers several illuminating products such as highlighting facial serums in bliss and halo.  Shimmering finishing sprays are also available in multiple shades: glowed up, queen, I-stand, incredible, muva and koffee.
  15. Sugar Sweet Cosmetics offers diamond glow powders for the face and body in 11 shades.
  16. The Lash Firm offers loose shimmer powders in 3 shades: golden, 24k, and pearl.

In reviewing these products I hope you find a body shimmer that works for you.

Happy Shopping!

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