As you head off to the beach consider supporting some of the 100+ beach accessories linked here from black owned brands.  There are many TYPES of accessories to make your beach time both fashionable and comfortable.  In this post we review the following. Click any category to go directly to products.

Some of the following are affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This means at no cost to you, Shop With Leslie will receive a small commission, should you use these advertisements in making a purchase.



  • Maison De Mode (advertisement) offers a diverse selection of bags that work for the beach (e.g., straw and basket bags).

  • Ubuntu Life (advertisement) offers basket bags made of wool as well as recycled plastic. Get 10% off at checkout when using our links.


beach towel from canva



  • Öfuurë (advertisement) offers a selection of floor length coverups in African prints that match and complement swimsuits.

Before you head off on vacation, check out these.



  • Negash Apparel and Footwear (advertisement) offers all over signature slides for men and women, and pink hieroglyphic slides for woman.  

  • Sole Rebels offers a selection of slides and flip flops for men and women in many colors and styles.



  • JoRae (advertisement) offers a selection of swim caps for afro-textured hair and styles for children, youth, and adults. 

  • Lock Journey offers a selection of swim caps for dreadlocks and long hair. Caps are available for children and youth.

  • Soul Cap offers a variety swimming caps for voluminous hair. Several sizes and color options are available. Products are also available on Amazon.

  • Swimma offers a selection of swim caps designed for afro-textured hair and styles.  Caps for children, youth, and adults are available.

  • Swimmie Caps offers culturally relevant icons on their swim caps for boys and girls.  Included are caps for afro-textured hair styles.

Find great coolers HERE!

In reviewing these companies and products, I hope you find beach accessories that work for you!  Also, checkout our blog post on sunscreens and our swimwear page.

Happy Shopping!

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