Nail Decals, Wraps, Glitters & More From Black Owned Brands

nail decal and nail glitter

Nail glitter has been popular for a while as have decals.  In this post, we review where you can find these products from black owned brands.  The focus is on brands with polishes that are also 5 to 10 free, meaning free of certain chemicals harmful to humans and the environment.  See the company and product links below for additional details.

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Nail Decals and Wraps

Impressive Nails (advertisement) offers an extensive selection of nail decals. 

Rep Your Sets offers an extensive collection of nail decals and nail stickers. 

All Things Ankara via Afrikrea offers a variety of Ankara nail wraps, that can be purchased separately or as a collection.

Nails By Mikkie offers a diverse selection of nail art. 

Power Decals offers various collections of nail decals.  These include icon Afrocentric, animal prints and more.

Nail Glitters

  • TripleO Polish (advertisement) offers a selection of nail glitters in multiple colors (e.g., silver, gold, green, purple and fuchsia).   

  • Tinted Paradise offers a diverse selection of nail shimmers and glitters.


In reviewing these nail products I hope you find some that work for you.

Happy Shopping!

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For more about 5 – 10 free nail polish see the following.
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  1. Funny I literally purchased a press on nail kit from Walgrens on yesterday…. I will definitely check all of these out.

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