Head and Crown Jewelry from Black Owned Brands

Head adornments are an African tradition.  Find more than 50 black owned head and crown jewelry items below!

Crown jewelry goes back thousands of years and reflects several African cultures, not limited to the ancient Egyptians, Amazigh of North Africa, and the Maasai.  Intricate hairstyles (e.g., cornrows and locks) in addition to head wraps adorned with jewelry, are other headdress traditions found throughout the African disapora.    They can be worn for special occasions, cultural events, and to express your reign.  There are many styles from which to choose.  See the following company and product links for details.

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Bailey and Ava Bespoke (advertisement) offers a variety of princess tiaras and crowns for children.

  • Gemdrops & Glamrocks (advertisement) offers a large selection crown jewelry in their  “head jewelry” and “hair crown jewelry” categories. 


    In reviewing these head and crown jewelry items, I hope you find styles that work for you.

    Happy Shopping!

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