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In this post we review products for cooking, serving, and entertaining. These include aprons, coasters, cooking/serving wares, table linens, utensils and storage.

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Sponsor Product Information
Stephanie Hill Ross

round glass tray

Glass serving trays are available in two sizes.  The artwork featured on these pieces include "burned at the stake," and "bluesy." Popphizz coastaz and Ursula's goose coastaz are made of bamboo, and available in sets of four.  They can be ordered in square or round.

Aprons and Oven Mitts

Entertaining is the time to bring out the fancy apron. There are diverse options. 

  • Kweli TV offers a selection of aprons embedded with the company logo.


Coasters add a decorative flair to your tabletops and protect them at the same time. 

Cooking and Serving Wares

Cook for and serve your guests with swag. 

  • B. Smith (advertisement) offers a selection of kitchen wares that include serving trays and caddies, and cutting boards.

  • Laura Shafer (advertisement) offers a large selection of artistic glass trays in several shapes (e.g., round, rectangle and oblong). 

  • Maison De Mode (advertisement) offers a large and diverse selection of serving ware that includes trays, plates, bowls, and spoons. 

  • Mandinka Home Shop (advertisement)  offers a selection of handcrafted olive wood kitchen wares that include serving plates, measuring spoons, spice bowl sets, and more. 

  • Karibe offers a selection of cookware that includes a stainless steel sauce pot and cast iron skillets.

  • Savvy Kitchen Collections offers a selection of tools for cooking that include colanders and strainers, and tools to prepare eggs, meat, and cheese among others. 

Table Cloths, Runners, Placemats and Napkins

A decorated table is a more festive one.  There are many options from which to choose.

Utensils and Storage

In reviewing these kitchen and serving wares, I hope you find products that work for you.

Happy Shopping! 

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