Cyber Monday Sales from Black Owned Brands

Image by Coffee Bean from Pixabay

In this post, we review cyber Monday sales and fabulous products from sponsors of Shop With Leslie.  Our sponsors help make our work possible and we appreciate their support!  You are encouraged to click the company links and product images below and explore. 

Accented Glory offers hair accessories for adult women with natural hair.  Their products are created with materials that are comfortable to wear and stylish.  Accented Glory sells products on a number of platforms.  Through Monday 12/2/19, you can get 10% off on headbands and FREE shipping. 

Artist Stephanie Hill Ross offers a selection of products (e.g., scarves, tops, ties, and coffee mugs) based on her artwork.  Now through 12/2/19, you can get 30% off ANY item. Check out select items from her Peony collection. 

In reviewing these sales, I hope you find products that work for you.

Happy Shopping!

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