Travel (Neck) Pillows from Black Owned Brands

A travel (neck) pillow

When traveling, one spends a lot of time sitting and sleeping, whether on a plane or in a car.  A travel (neck) pillow can make you more comfortable during your journey.  Wearing these U shaped pillows with the opening in front though may not be optimal.  Instead, changing it to accommodate your sleeping position, using it while reclining, and when sitting towards the center of a plane may be more beneficial.  You can find more information about maximizing your comfort in the references.  Fortunately there are options and styles from black owned brands.  These include pillows filled with micro-beads, memory foam, cotton/fiber, as well as inflatable pillows.  See the company and product information below for details.

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  • Zazzy Kreations (advertisement) offers a selection of culturally themed memory foam travel neck pillows with a removable zippered pillowcase.  

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In reviewing these neck (travel) pillows, I hope you find one that works for you.

Happy Shopping! 

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