Pamper Yourself With Natural and Healthful Products from Black Owned Brands

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Taking the time to pamper ourselves is good for self care.  Caring for ourselves should also consider what we are using on our bodies.  In this post, we review natural and healthful bath and body products from two of our sponsors, who have made cultivating healthful and natural beauty products their specialty.   Our sponsors help make our work possible and we appreciate their support!  We encourage you to click on their company and products links and explore.

Bree & Milly uses natural ingredients to form the basis of their products which include body lotions, natural deodorants, a sunscreen, and more.  Coconut oil is a staple ingredient along with essential oils and Shea butter.  Their coconut oil based lotion comes in two sizes and you can choose from among many scents such as lavender, patchouli, Egyptian musk, and lemongrass.  Their natural and aluminum free deodorant is also available in several scents and is made with ingredients such as burdock root, castor and coconut oils, and arrowroot powder.  Bree & Milly also offers a natural deodorant spray with magnesium oil, burdock root, and lavender among others.  Again, you can choose from among several scents.   Click the images below and explore. 

Garner’s Garden started in 2012 with the goal of making affordable and natural skincare products.  Their product listings are extensive and many of their offerings include travel sizes that are great for holiday and other excursions.  Product categories include the following. 

  • Clay based scrubs and masks, and talc free body powder
  • Facial products including those based on the oil cleansing method, facial care systems, and products for men
  • Oral care products that include tooth powders, rinses for pre- and post brushing, breath fresheners, and products designed for children
  • Hair products that include a beard oil and aftershave
  • Body products that include natural deodorants, body butters, body oils, and hand creams
  • A variety of natural soaps and other hygienic products such as gym spray are also available

Click the images below to explore!

In reviewing these companies and products, I hope you find natural and healthful products for pampering that work for you.

Happy Shopping!

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