Flaunt Your Femininity With The Peasant Top Trend From Black Owned Brands

A picture of a woman sitting at the edge of a pool wearing a black and floral bell sleeved peasant styled tunic.
Photo by Hudson Marques from Pexels

You may have noticed that peasant styled tops are trending.  What does this reflect?  Flowing and loose fitting tunics and smock silhouettes, and in particular sleeves that tend to be puffy and loose.  These include the traditional puffy at the shoulders with elastic at the wrists silhouette, as well as ragland, bell,  Juliet, and tiered sleeves.  Peasant fashion also includes crop and off the shoulder styles, embroidery and lace, and tops accentuating the waist.  You can check out my Pinterest board for various examples.  Fortunately, there are several options from black owned brands!  See the company and product links below for details. 

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Poetic Justice (advertisement) offers long sleeved leopard print crop tops in regular and plus sizes, in addition to v-neck chiffon tops that gather at the waist (currently on sale).  

Plenty by Tracy Reese on Amazon offers several peasant styled tops.  Click the images below.

Wandizi (advertisement) offers a selection of custom made Ankara clothing.  Peasant styled offerings include the following:

Afrikrea offers an off the shoulder crop top with wide sleeves, and an off the shoulder top with flared sleeves, both in Ankara print.

Beads Byaree offers a selection of silk tube tops with bell sleeves such as the Udaipur crop.

Chic & Curvy offers several ruched crop tops with peasant sleeves.   One of our favorites is the off the shoulder beige floral print.  

Funky Flair Boutique offers floral chiffon tunics that gather at the waist, in pink and black.

House of Aama offers a storyteller v-neck silk top with bell and ruffled sleeves. 

J. Brooks Boutique offers a selection of tops that smock styled and with flared sleeves. 

Jah Zara Fashion House offers an off the shoulder Queenly sweatshirt with peasant sleeves.

Kebero offers striped ginger ring tops that are cropped with sleeves ruffled at the end.  Angel pearl smock tops are also available. 

Kloset Envy offers a coral ruffle top in the silhouette of a corset with flowing sleeves.  

Laura Smalls offers butterfly blouses with full bell sleeves in solid and striped.  

Self Love & 11 Secrets of Femininity by Abiola Abrams (advertisement)

Maya’s Ideas offers a variety of short and bell sleeved tunics, made from vintage fabrics. 

Midget Giraffe offers an off the shoulder Ankara print smock top with tiered sleeves.

Nobody Jones offers a ‘Windsor hills’ peplum top with lace embroidery.

NVMY Swag Boutique  offers an extravaganza top with ruffles and dramatic sleeves. 

Sapellé offers a hand dyed chiffon Adire tunic with bell sleeves. 

Taylor Made offers a ruffled and tiered sleeved blouse in two colors:  orange and purple. 

In reviewing these companies and products, I hope you find peasant styled tops that works for you. 

Happy Shopping!

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