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In order to help curb the spread of the coronavirus, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is recommending that people wear cloth face coverings in places where social distancing is challenging (e.g., grocery stores).  The CDC provides a video from the Surgeon General on how to make non medical grade face coverings from household items. 

Face masks should also be worn correctly.  They should cover the nose to chin areas for instance, and be removed from back to front.  There are a variety of face masks from black owned brands.  These include masks with Ankara and other vivid prints, washable masks, cotton and polyester masks, and masks for children.  See the company and products links below for more information. 

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YBE offers face masks in many prints that are sold individually and in packs of four.  Masks are available for adults and youth.
Art De La Tuile

Art De La Tuile offers a selection of polyester face masks in a variety of prints that also include a pocket for a filter.   Masks can be ordered with 5, 10, or 15 filters.

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  • Effie’s Paper (advertisement) offers a selection of feminine face masks made of 100% polyester with a pocket for a filter.  Masks come in sizes small, medium, and large.

  • It’s A Black Thang (advertisement) offers a selection of thematic face masks that include sports, African symbols and prints, fraternities and sororities.

  • Nagast (advertisement) offers a diverse selection of face masks in a polyester blend that come with a filter and pocket.  They are available for adults and youth.

  • Proper Gnar (advertisement) offers a “stay away” seven layer face mask with a removable carbon filter. It is available in adult size and size small/medium. Get 10% off with the code shopwithleslie.

  • The Pairabirds (advertisement) offers a selection of pleated, dual layered poly fabric face masks with a pocket for a filter.

  • Vashti Harrison (advertisement) offers a selection of pleated, dual layered poly fabric face masks with a pocket for a filter.

  • XOJailynn (advertisement) offers a selection of pleated, dual layered poly fabric face masks with a filter for a pocket.

  • Afrikrea offers a selection of face masks in various styles and prints, including packages of disposable masks. 

  • Kai Dilly offers a selection of 100% cotton face masks in Ankara prints for adult and children that include a pocket for a filter.

  • Mawusi Clothing offers a selection of  African print pocket filter face masks for adults and children, sold in sets of three. 

  • Meme Bête offers a selection of 100% cotton face masks with a filter for adults and children.  A matching head wrap/ face mask set is also available.

  • Naturalsis72 offers a selection of cotton double lined face masks for children and adults in several prints. 

  • Öfuurë offers a selection of African print face masks made of 100% cotton with a filter slot. 

  • Sonson offers a selection of 100% cotton face masks in colorful prints.  Some are reversible.

  • Tufafii offers a selection of 100% cotton triple layered face masks with a filter and pocket.


In reviewing these face masks I hope you find one that works for you. 

Stay Healthy!

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