Polo Shirts for Him from Black Owned Brands

Polo shirts are a wardrobe staple.  Defined by the collar and “placket” neckline with two to three buttons at the top, polo shirts are great for the golf course, business casual events, and more.  Though usually short sleeved they may be longed sleeved as well.  As polo shirts are comfortable to wear and versatile, they make wonderful and practical father’s day gifts.  In this post we review the vast amount of polo shirt offerings for men from black owned brands.  See the company links and product tabs below for details. 

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  • Good Man Brand @ Nordstrom (advertisement) offers a selection of polo shirts in cotton and linen. Most are available in several colors. 

  • Good Man Brand is also available on Amazon (advertisement). 

  • Good Man Brand also offers polo shirts through Nordstrom Rack at a discount (advertisement). Most are available in multiple colors. 

  • Koshie O (advertisement) blends African and western styles and patterns to offer diverse clothing for men.  Polo shirts are available in classic styles and colors.

  • Negash Apparel & Footwear (advertisement) offers a black polo shirt with the company logo on the pocket.  See “King’s Chambers” shirts. 

  • Akoo offers quality street wear for exceptional gentlemen.  Polo shirts are available in several prints.

  • The mission of Kweli TV is to curate content that reflects the global African experience.  Polo shirts are available in several colors.

  • Large is a clothing and lifestyle brand representing individuality, independence, and living large.  A black polo shirt is offered with the company logo.

  • Miguel Wilson’s brand of style is fun, functional, classy and conservative; and these qualities are reflected in their selection of polo shirts.  

  • Wales Bonner offers distinct luxury items reflecting a blend of European and Afro-atlantic approaches.  A mesh and multicolored polo shirt is available. 

In reviewing these polo shirts, I hope you find one or more that work for you.

Happy shopping! Happy Father’s Day!


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