Celebrate Juneteenth 2020 With Gardening and Black Owned Brands

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Celebrating Juneteenth through gardening is a great way for American Descendants of Slaves (ADOS) to remember and honor their African roots and ancestors.  Gardening (i.e., the cultivation of plants), has played a key role in the survival of ADOS.  First, enslaved Africans came to the United States with root vegetable gardening skills.  Second, slaves were able to grow their own crops in less fertile areas of the plantation for which they could consume and sell.  These “slave gardens” provided sustenance in the context of deficient nutritional resources provided by slave owners.  Their skills came in handy as root vegetables (e.g., yams, sweet potatoes, and turnips) can be grown in a broad range of soil conditions, and help improve soil health over time.  Across centuries these vegetables have been staples in African American households.  Third, gardening and cultivation skills helped runaway slaves survive their journey to freedom.  Wild lettuce for instance was developed into a brew and used as a coffee substitute.  Tree bark was fashioned into weapons. 

In today’s landscape, the role of gardening in creating sustenance amid systemic disparities continues.  African American communities are disproportionately affected by “food deserts” where there is sparse access to healthful and affordable food options.  Backyard, container, and community gardening have become some ways of addressing this challenge. Furthermore, gardening is great for mental as well as physical health by promoting stress relief, relaxation, and a range of coping skills.

In this post, we review gardening and Juneteenth products from black owned brands. These include the following (a) gardening supplies (e.g., plants, herbs, and decorations) and (b) gardening and Juneteenth apparel and accessories.  Some of the following are affiliate links.  As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  This means at no cost to you, Shop With Leslie will receive a commission, should you use the advertisements in making a purchase.

Gardening Supplies

  • Hortiki Plants (advertisement) offers a selection of seed kits for indoor and container gardening.  These include herbs, fruits, and vegetables.

  • Effortless Composition offers a selection of planters for indoor or outdoor gardening.

  • Natty Garden offers a selection of indoor plants (e.g., cactus plants and trees), outdoor plants (e.g., hanging baskets and herbs), and gardening supplies (e.g., gloves, planters).  Soil, compost, and fertilizer are also available. 

  • Plants and Anime offers specialized and custom planters.  The owner also runs the blog “Black Men With Gardens.”

  • The Zen Succulent offers a selection of planters for container gardening. 

Other and non black owned options for gardening supplies include two of our affiliates. 

Some products are available on Amazon and at Lowe’s (advertisements).

  • Urban Leaf focuses on indoor herb gardening with kits to grow herbs from seed.  Vegetable seeds and planting guides for outdoor gardening are also available. 
Urban Leaf Complete Herb Garden Kit


Gardening or Juneteenth Apparel & Accessories

  • Black Girl Powerhouse offers a selection of Juneteenth flags. A Juneteenth jersey is also available.

  • Black Girls With Gardens is a digital resource for women of color to find support, inspiration, education, and representation in gardening.  They have a shop that offers “black girls with gardens” totes, tanks, and other accessories. 

  • The Ron Finley Project is involved in community/urban gardening and has a shop that sells “plant some shit” tee shirts, totes, among other items promoting gardening.  

In reviewing these products I hope you find one or more that work for you. 

Happy shopping!

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