Hair Flowers, Clips & Pins from Black Owned Brands

A black woman with flowers in her hair
Photo by Eben Odonkor from Pexels

There is a renewed interest in hair flowers, clips and pins. Hair flowers were prevalent in New York Fashion Week (2019), and hair pins and clips are on display across media outlets and retail stores.  In this post we review options from black owned brands.  See the company and product links below for details. 

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  • Loc•cessories (advertisement) offers a selection of feathered hair clips that are adorned with coconut shells and different colored cowrie shells.  

  • Afrikrea offers a diverse selection of flower hair clips in Ankara wax print among other textiles (e.g., crochet and metal). 

In reviewing these hair accessories, I hope you find some that work for you. 

Happy shopping!

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To learn more about hair flower and hair pin styles and trends see the following.

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