Gemstones & Crystals from Black Owned Brands

Assorted gemstones and crystals such as jade, amethyst, and rose quartz.
Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

The power of gemstones and crystals to heal is informed by those who attest to their effectiveness and ancient religions such as Buddhism. Scientific evidence suggests that it is the belief in their power that matters.  These beliefs can reduce stress, boost confidence, and complement traditional medical treatment.

In this post, we review raw gemstones and crystals from black owned brands.  Though gemstones are typically fashioned from crystals into jewelry, our focus is on individual crystals.  You can learn more about the uses and benefits of crystals through the references. 

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  • Femme Yogipreneur (advertisement) offers healing kits that include Chakras stones.  Lapis lazuli tumbled stones, selenite, and a amethyst clusters are also available. 

  • Peach and Pixie (advertisement) has a diverse selection of crystals and gemstones that include rough citrine, druzy sphere, and garnet.  Bundles are available.

  • Seven Gems Shop (advertisement) offers an extensive selective of crystals that include rose quartz, rutile, amethyst, and quartz stones.

  • Urban Rutile (advertisement) offers a selection of crystals and semi-precious stones with an emphasis on rutilated quartz crystals.  A large selection of stones (e.g., agate) are available in varying sizes and as sets. 

  • Karma Bliss offers an extensive selection of crystals that include sets for each zodiac sign, individual crystals, and crystals for anxiety.  

  • Nirvana Wild offers a selection of yoni eggs in rose quartz, African bloodstone, mahogany obsidian, and amethyst among others. 

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  • Nubian Hueman offers a selection of gemstones that include fluorite, black sardonyx, and soldalite, among others. 

  • Soul Shop offers a selection of crystals that include 7 and 10 piece sets, and stones sold individually. 

In reviewing these gemstones and crystals, I hope you find some that work for you.

Happy shopping!

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