Foundations for Chocolate Skin from Black Owned Brands

Faces of chocolate colored skinned woman that includes brown and dark skin

There has been a lot of information circulated about challenges brown and darker skin women have in finding the right shade of foundation.  Therefore I reviewed foundation options offered at 18 black owned makeup brands, and found most had foundation shades that covered the full spectrum of hues.  I counted at least 200 foundation products in rich and varied shades of chocolate from medium to dark brown to espresso that offered light to full coverage.   And, the companies reviewed here had at least 5 shades for diverse chocolate hues.  Furthermore, tips and/or samples are offered to help customers find the right shade.  Foundation products included liquid, mineral, creme, stick, and powder forms.  

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  • Juvia’s Place (advertisement) offers an “I am velvety” matte foundation with at least 13 shades for chocolate skin. It provides lightweight and lasting coverage. 

  • Laws of Nature (advertisement) offers several types of “foxy finish” foundations with at least 10 of each in the deeper chocolate hues.  This includes a selection of mineral creme foundations enriched with botanical ingredients and vitamin E, mineral loose foundations that helps even out the skin tone, and creme to powder foundations formulated with vitamin B5 to hydrate and promote healthy looking skin.  Sample sets are also available.  Use the code LESLIE when placing your order. 

  • Pat McGrath Labs (advertisement) offers “skin fetish: sublime perfect” foundations in deep chocolate hues, at least 5.  Foundations are formulated with a vita serum complex to prevent the formation of wrinkles.  The foundations are also available at Sephora(advertisement).

  • The Lip Bar (advertisement) offers skin serum foundations with at least 9 shades in chocolate/brown hues.  Foundations are infused with hyaluronic acid and come with a built in brush.  Free samples are also available. 

  • Beauty Bakerie offers “instabake aqua glass” foundations with at least 7 shades in darker hues.  The vegan formula offers full coverage.  The “instabake aqua glass” foundations  are also available at Ulta (advertisement).

  • BLK/OPL offers several types of foundations.  This includes the skin perfecting stick foundations with at least 12 shades in dark chocolate tones.  It is enriched in vitamins C and E and has an SPF of 15.  Pore perfecting liquid foundations are also available.   They are enriched with vitamins C and E, and 9 shades are available in deep chocolate shades.   A mineral matte creme powder foundation is also available with 8 shades in the deep chocolate range.  It has an SPF of 15 and is enriched with vitamins C and E.  Finally, an even true flawless foundation is offered that hydrates the skin. Five brown hues are available.  Products are available on Amazon (advertisement).

  • Diba by Dibawssette offers full coverage cushion foundations that are water resistant, contain vitamins C and E, Jojoba and Chenopodium Quinoa seed extracts.  Five shades of chocolate hues are available.  Cushion foundations are available on Amazon (advertisement).

  • Hue Noir offers “true hues flawless finish” foundations in at least 10 deep chocolate hues.   It is a medium coverage and  crease resistant matte finish formula that is vegan and cruelty free.  Products are also available on Amazon (advertisement). 

  • Iman Cosmetics offers several foundations with brown hues.  These include the “second to none” luminous powder foundation (5 hues) that contains vitamin E, the second to none creme to powder full coverage foundation (5 shades), and a luxury concealing foundation (5 shades), that provides long lasting full coverage.  All three foundation products are available on Amazon (advertisement).

  • Jacque Mgido offers a liquid foundation in several brown hues (at least 5) that contains safflower oil, vitamin E, and hyaluronic acid for soothing and moisturizing the skin. 

  • Joy Lorraine offers a “picture perfect” creme foundation (with at least 5 chocolate shades) that is made with coconut and sunflower oil and provides full coverage. 

  • Uoma Beauty offers a “say what?” foundation that hydrates the skin and provides a matte finish.  There are 6 shades in the chocolate range.  These foundations are also available at Ulta(advertisement).

In reviewing these foundation, I hope you find shades that work for you. Happy shopping!

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