Gifts for Him from Black Owned Brands

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In this post, we review an assortment of gifts for him from black owned brands. Curated lists of goods are provided. These include accessories, bath and body products, clothing, electronics, slippers, and watches. The following are affiliate links which means at no cost to you, Shop With Leslie will receive a commission should you use these advertisements in making a purchase. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

CUFFLINKS add flavor to his outfit and there are many options.

Ulove Jewelry (advertisement) stands for quality and fashion, offering a selection of affordable sterling silver and gemstone jewelry.  Several cufflink options are featured in the carousel below.

Kingsley Leather (advertisement) offers handcrafted cufflinks made of the finest antique tan full-grain leather. Cufflinks are hand-punched and set in stainless steel.  They are customized by initial, and available in several colors. 

Boutique Mix (advertisement) offers a selection of African fabric cufflinks that are available in two sizes, 30 = ¾ inches (penny size) and 36 = 7/8 (nickel size).  Several options are presented in the carousel below. 

Erika and Friends (advertisement) offers a selection of vintage cufflinks, most of which are made with sterling silver.  A pair of 10 karat white gold cufflinks with an  art deco design is also available. 

BATH AND BODY products add an element of pampering and confidence.

Aromaology (advertisement) is an ecologically conscious brand that contributes to the sustainability of the environment.  A portion of your purchases goes to plant trees.  They offer a selection of handcrafted gift baskets for men.  See the carousel below.

Debonair Beard Co. (advertisement) offers kits and bundles among other grooming products to keep his beard and mustache soft, under control, and well groomed! 

Scotch Porter (advertisement) offers a diverse selection of handmade grooming products that incorporate quality and healthful ingredients.  Select options are presented in the carousel below. 

These CLOTHING brands will take him through the Winter and Spring with style.  

Good Man Brand focuses on clothing designed for comfort and functionality.  Products are designed according to real body dimensions to move with you.  The Good Man Brand is available at Nordstrom (advertisement). 

A Cold Wall (advertisement) is a high end street wear brand inspired by working class uniforms.  We found many great deals at 60% off.  Check out some of their products below.  

Enjoying ELECTRONICS is a pastime. The House of Marley was founded by Rohan Marley, son of reggae musician Bob Marley.  Electronic goods are crafted from bamboo (to support sustainability and the environment), and deliver a high quality sound. 

Raycon Global (advertisement) has a diverse selection of electronics that include headphones, earbuds, and speakers.  Bundles are also available. 

Raycon earbuds (advertisement) are available on Amazon.

SLIPPERS are useful year round and Cherry Creations (advertisement) offers handmade slippers with several options. You can browse through their products below.

Custom and Monogrammed ROBES and SLIPPERS from Sewing Seams are perfect for lounging around the castle or on vacation. 

WATCHES will always make a fashion statement, and there are several options from which to choose.

Asorock Watches (advertisement) is influenced by the breath-taking mountains in Central Nigeria, and a love of watches. They keep quality high and prices low by using top quality materials amid low overhead. 

Asorock Watches

Seventeenth Watches (advertisement) has a selection of stylish watches for men at affordable prices.

Two goals of the Youngblood brand are to outfit customers who support the vision and spirit of underrepresented entrepreneurs, and to make quality goods at affordable prices. Their timepieces are sold on Amazon (advertisement).

In reviewing these products I hope your find one or more that work for him.

Happy shopping! Happy holidays!

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