Affordable Pajamas and Loungewear from Black Owned Brands

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Updated 9/3/2022

Sleep, adequate rest, and relaxation are important to the immune system and overall well being. In this post we focus on affordable pajamas and loungewear ranging from $20.00 to $100.00. Information on where to buy slippers and sleep masks is also provided. Research shows that sleep masks and ear plugs help promote Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep which benefits mood. Furthermore, sleep masks can aid one with meditation. Finally, slippers round out your lounging experience. You have many options from black owned brands. See the company and product links below for details.

Some of the following are affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This means at no cost to you, Shop With Leslie will receive a commission, should you use the advertisements in making a purchase.

Sleep and Lounge Wear

  • Nasir Noelle Designs (advertisement) has a selection of “just blessed” pajama sets for women in several colors.  “Melanin friends” pajama sets for children are also available. 

  • Öfuurë (advertisement) offers a pajamas collection that includes robes and pajama sets (long pants and shorts), and a slip dress in silk-satin fabrics.  Use our links and get a discount at checkout!

  • Ruby Love (advertisement) offers sleepwear that includes boy shorts, sleep pants, and onesies.  Similar sleepwear for teens is also available.

  • Afrikrea offers a diverse selection of sleepwear that includes pajama sets, night gowns, and robes.

  • Bamblu offers a selection of loungewear and pajamas for men and women

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  • Bloom Loungewear offers loungwear separates such as crop hoodies and matching shorts and leggings. 

  • Dayo offers a one size fits all poncho dress in several colors that is great for lounging.

  • K’S PJS has a variety of one and two piece pajama sets. 

  • PJ’s For The Culture has a diverse selection of culturally representative holiday pajamas, that include Christmas and Kwanzaa themes.

Slippers and Sleep Masks

  • Dr. Liza Shoes (advertisement) offers a selection of orthopedic slippers lined with soft shearling and a shock absorbing EVA sole.   The upper is in leather, and in multiple colors

  • Zazzy Kreations (advertisement) offers a selection of sleep masks that match other accessories such as travel (neck) pillows and bags.

In reviewing these products, I hope you find sleep and lounge wear that works for you.

Happy shopping!

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